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How to choose tempered glass screen protector

Every person today has a cell phone. Telephones have come a long way, 30 years ago no one could imagine that everyone would be able to carry their own personal phone just in their pocket. With the development of technology also came new problems. If you use your phone daily and for many tasks, you are much more likely to damage it. In the past, the main problem was not drowning your device or breaking it. Now it’s the era of smartphones with big touch screens. Now it’s much easier to smash or scratch your phone. And no one is safe from an accidental scratch or just dropping your phone on the floor. People are trying to protect their favorite devices, one of the best ways to protect your phone is to buy protective glass on the screen of your smartphone.

Do you need a screen protector

The glass on your modern smartphone is much stronger than it was even 10 years ago. Since, for example, the first iPod, developers have greatly increased the scratch resistance of glass. For example, Corning’s Gorilla Glass doesn’t even scratch from contact with your keys or coins in your pockets. The 12 iPhone uses ceramic glass, which is even stronger, but it is not as scratch-resistant as many people think.

The scratches won’t be as deep, but you can definitely see them. They most often come from sand and other particles with hard minerals in them, like quartz and topaz. So your screen can still get scratched from sand in your pocket or backpack. Screen protectors are not the perfect solution to this problem, but they will keep your screen in one piece. When your glass is damaged or scratched, you can simply replace it with a new one or remove it altogether.

How to Choose the Best Protective Glass for Your Smartphone

The first thing you need to look at when choosing your protective glass is whether or not it is suitable for your smartphone screen. Screen protectors are designed for specific specific phone models. This means that your glass should have special cutouts for fingerprint, camera, and flash if they are needed.

You should also pay attention to the following things when buying glass:

  • Thin plastic models are much cheaper than tempered glass. If you want to save money this is the right option for you.
  • They are delicate pieces to install at home, so it requires delicacy and precision
  • The screen protector can withstand high temperatures because of the way it is made
  • The glass should not increase glare from your screen if it is installed correctly
  • A good screen protector will be a pleasure to touch. Such glass should make it feel as if nothing is glued to your screen
  • Most screen protectors have edges or corners that trap dust or dirt. It will be very difficult to find an invisible tread.
  • 9H hardness is the hardest glass option for a screen protector
  • Oleophobic nanocoating is a fair specification to look out for

What else you can do to protect your smartphone

The best way to protect your device besides the protector is to buy a special protective case for it. It will be able to cushion the impact of a fall or accidental impact of your smartphone on anything. This is also how you can choose the design you like for your smartphone and make it unique. A good case can protect your smartphone much better than any protector.

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