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How to cancel order on StockX in a few steps

It is known StockX is one of the best places for buying rare sneakers, streetwear, and other various items at the lowest prices.

The distinctive feature of StockX that makes it so popular among traders is its “honor the trade” motto. Simply, if you are up to buying something, you need to be 100% sure about your decision.

On the other hand, it might seem unfair, especially if you made a mistake. Besides, you can’t rule out the fact that people tend to simply change their minds. So are there any chances to cancel the order? Let’s say, there are certain things that you could try only to be ready for it may take some time and patience.

Why are there no chances to cancel an order

As it was said earlier, StockX is a retail company with a high acclaimed reputation. Their main goal is to stick to certain rules and principles.

Their entire system mostly revolves around an auction-like bidding process, and that is a real target for manipulators. For instance, imagine you want to buy a new pair of sneakers that are trendy at the moment. Then you spot a decent offer on StockX and start bidding. Only another user bids a bit more aggressively every time, so you have to up your price.

But what if the other person is just boosting the price for their friend or for fun? If they outbid you in the end, and then cancel the order, they can move on to another “victim”.

To protect customers from this type of manipulation, StockX made a great effort to automate the entire order process. After you are finished with the bid, the money goes out of your account.

Next thing is, the seller is obliged to ship their product within two business days to the closest StockX center. In a different way, they are easy can be subject to a penalty fee, punishment, and even a permanent ban.

This whole system gained StockX a trustworthy reputation.

Sure thing, there are cases when buyers just make mistakes and not everyone is an “internet scammer”. You may have legitimate reasons to reject the trade and in this article, you are going to find the solutions to this issue.

What are possible ways to cancel an order

There was a bug and you clicked twice on the “buy” button? No need to worry, there are two variants you can follow.

  • The best way is to contact StockX support directly. Let them know what and how it happened, and maybe they will help you. But there are no guarantees.
  • If you dont want to fill forms, take your time and write them via Twitter. Just make sure you giving them a quiet good reason so they cancel the order.

Note that, even if the support team cancels your order, you may pay a “flake fee” for your inattentiveness.

In other cases, such as the seller didn’t ship your order in time, you’ll get your money back and they’ll get a penalty.

Is reselling a good option

Sometimes you get unlucky and you cannot convince the support team to make an agreement. But there are always lots of alternatives. One of them is to re-sell your unwanted product. Since you’ve purchased StockX, you have the guarantee of authentication and quality.

This means you can re-sell sneakers or other products quickly. And who knows, maybe you can even earn back the money you’ve spent on shipping. You can use StockX to place them on sale and see if you could get a better price.

What is interesting, the process is more straightforward and swifter than actually asking for a refund.

The entire StockX website is optimized to sell items with no unnecessary moments. For example, you don’t need to post extensive descriptions and images. Just choose the item from the catalog, and the algorithm does the rest for you.

Be careful while making purchases

And one more thing, try not to get carried away when buying on StockX. Think twice before making a trade and be careful with your misclicks. The last one is more unlikely, as the system asks you with pop-up windows several times to confirm the purchase.

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