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How to clear browser cache on iPhone or iPad

Browser is the app that’s creating the most cache every day.

So if your device is slower than it should be, in most cases the problem may be that you have too much cache in your browser.

There is a lot of information going into the browser cache – cookies, login data, images, and other things that can slow down your device over time. Of course, this is okay, because it allows you to have a better browsing experience because some of the pages are already loaded into the cache and it reduces the wait time for the page to respond.

However, this is only useful for websites that you visit often, but we also have many web pages that we will never visit again. This kind of cache is useless and it only slows down the device.

In general, the less memory space your device has, the slower it runs. And this is also true for the iPhone or iPad.

Of course, don’t expect much performance gain. However, if you clean the browser cache every 2-3 days, your device will work faster and smoother.

The only drawback is that you will need to re-login to all the accounts you use in case you use Safari because this browser does not have the “Do not delete passwords and logins” option.

Also, keep in mind that clearing the cache works for all devices that use the same iCloud.

How to clear cache in Safari

  • Go to Settings and scroll down to find Safari
  • Tap on Clear History and Website Data
  • Confirm the clearing cache

How to clear in Google Chrome

  • Open the Chrome and tap on three dots in the top right-corner (on iPad) or from the menu bar (on iPhone)
  • Tap on History
  • Tap on Clear Browsing Data
  • Choose Browsing History (if needed), Cookies, Site Data and Cached Images and Files and tap on Clear Browsing Data
  • After you tap on Clear Browsing Data, tap on Clear Browsing Data once again in order to confirm clearing

What does clearing cache mean?

Clearing the cache deletes stored cookies, files and images that have accumulated in the memory of your device. As a result, your device will run faster.

The bad news (as I mentioned before) is that in Safari you will also lose the login data of websites, so you will have to re-login to all websites.

However, the acceleration of your device is worth it anyway, as your device starts running more smoothly.



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