How to reset Roku remote


Roku is a hardware-based digital media player that can be used to access streaming content of various services. All media players have a remote that is used to operate the Roku media player. However, you can also use the iOS or Android app to control the Roku media player.

However, to be honest, I don’t really like using a smartphone for this purpose and I still prefer remote control. The problem is that sometimes the Roku remote can stop working and this can be a serious challenge.

You don’t have to worry about this, as there are several ways that you can fix your Roku remote yourself, without contacting a service center.

What are Roku remote types?

There are two different types of Roku remote and you should understand them before you start fixing.

  • Enhanced Roku remotes. Roku has Enhanced Voice Remote and Gaming Remote that can be used anywhere from your home, you shouldn’t point them on your Roku media player to make them work.
  • Infrared Roku remotes. Those are standard Roku remotes that work as a standard infrared remote. You should point them to your Roku device in order to make them work.

The Infrared remote is too simple a device that simply transmits information via infrared and therefore cannot be reset. However, Roku Enhanced Remotes are more complex devices, so sometimes the reason why they don’t work is that they have a software lag. In this case, you can reset it to fix the software issues.

How to reset Roku enhanced remote when it isn’t working

This is easier than you might think and it can fix your Roku remote in case it encountered a software lag. In order to reset the Roku enhanced remote you should do the following:

  • Remove the batteries from the Roku remote
  • Unplug the Roku device and wait for 2-5 minutes.
  • Switch the Roku device back on
  • Insert the batteries into the Roku remote
  • Press the pair button on the remote after the Roku device starts up.
How to reset Roku remote / via: RokuHowTo
  • Wait for about 30 seconds until the light on the Roku remote stops flashing and a notification on the screen appears.

What can be a problem if Roku remote resetting didn’t help

If the Roku remote resetting did not help, the problem may be that the batteries are low. In that case, you should take out the old batteries and replace them with new ones.
If this does not help, your Roku remote most likely has hardware problems that can be fixed at a service center.

How to fix standard Roku remote

As I said, the Standard Roku remote cannot be reset, but the problem may be much simpler than it seems.
Infrared remote controls are very dependent on batteries, so if the batteries are low, the remote will not work properly. First of all, this can result in lags and you need to press the same button to get a response.

In that case, you just need to replace the batteries and that might solve the problem.


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