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How to craft a Safe in Terraria

Terraria is an adventure sandbox game with platformer elements and side views. You have to go to a colorful world where you can create various objects, build buildings and fight against various monsters, which are randomly generated. In addition, many different tasks and challenges are waiting for you. Terraria is a game in a large open 2D world with resource and recipe mining, item creation, and survival elements. The game has no story or set of any quests, the player entertains himself. The game is remembered for its spritely two-dimensional graphics, stylized to the SNES era.

The game’s success was also due to the good timing of its release – in 2011 the sandbox genre wasn’t filled with competitors, and Terraria was promoted in the community of players as “2D Minecraft”. If you want to craft a Safe in Terraria, here’s how you can do that.

How is the single-player game in Terraria organized?

The player in Terraria is required to gradually develop his character and continually explore anything and everything. At the beginning of the game, you have to build a box house and survive the first night in it. Since the character is always awake, you should explore the underworld at night, and during the day go to the surface to fish, collect wood, continue to build up the base, and do a thousand other things.

All obtained resources must be processed into useful items, which are several thousand – from a variety of weapons and tools to construction, fishing, and even decorative objects. Before you can collect an item, however, you must first get its recipe. These can be found or bought from merchants.

Crafting also requires tools – a workbench, anvil, a furnace, and a variety of tools. Character development will require a lot of time – starting with a rusty pickaxe and a bent sword in his hands, the player can unlock chainsaws, drills, machine guns, rocket launchers, and more.

Items are divided by rarity class and quality. The higher they are, the better the characteristics themselves, but obtaining them is very difficult – you need to kill powerful bosses, play on the high difficulty in expert mode, and go to additional dimensions of the game world, where everything tries to kill the player or even repeat the killing pass from time to time.

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How to get a Safe in Terraria

Often inexperienced players don’t keep their inventory in order, they prefer to stuff their inventory (when all the garbage could be thrown out on the fly) and return home without finishing the adventure to the end. In turn, experienced players correctly manage the capabilities of their inventory and get the most loot.

The Safe is a portable vault with 40 slots for storing other items. The Safe functions the same way as a Piggy Bank, except that it cannot be placed on a platform or furniture surface, but only on blocks.

The Safe is a useful item. If you keep it together with the Piggy Bank, you can get an additional 80 inventory slots. The safe is placed on a flat surface and has a 2×2 shape. To get a safe you have to buy it from a vendor for 20 gold coins. However, the safe becomes available for purchase only after defeating the Skeletron.

How does the Safe work?

A safe works in the same way as other storage items, but with some important differences:

  • Each safe contains the same items, regardless of where they are located in the world.
  • Purchasing more than one safe won’t give you more space, but it will provide more access points to the contents of your safe, even in another world.
  • A safe can be picked up even if it contains items. This makes it an effective way to expand your character’s inventory slots. To add or remove items, you have to put the Safe up, and you can free it with a pickaxe.
  • The contents of the Safe are saved with your character’s data, not your world data. The contents of the Safe are saved with you from world to world and from server to server.
  • The contents of the Safe are exclusive to each player, so other players cannot access the items you store there. This makes it useful for protecting items on PvP servers where theft is allowed.

Moreover, multiple players can use the same Safe without accessing each other’s items. Each player will only see his items when accessing the same Safe.

How is the game world in Terraria created?

Terraria is set in an open world that is randomly generated each time. It’s assembled from 26 different biomes – sets of climate zones with their flora and fauna. These are forests, deserts, snowy fields, and others.

Exploring the world is an important part of the gameplay. You can move sideways, for example, if the game starts in the forest, there may be a desert and ocean on the left, and a jungle on the right, as well as down and up.

Many dungeons, caves, and underground versions of terrestrial biomes await the player below. The downward movement uses a pickaxe, crowbar, and axe, which can be used to simply remove the ground, remove the next layer after it, or even completely clear space – the two-dimensionality in Terraria contains multiple layers.

Using the conventions of the game mechanics you can walk on water, jump on mountains without ladders, and store tons of things for crafting in your inventory. The change of day and night affects the world and gameplay. During the day, the player explores, mines resources, and is safe. At night he has to survive, hiding from or killing various crawling enemies.

What is a character in Terraria?

Before you start the game, you need to create your character. Terraria has an advanced hero editor, allowing you to choose gender, appearance, skin color, and clothing. Those who are particularly patient can assemble their own Gandalf, Batman, Frodo Baggins, Spider-Man and many other famous heroes.

Further development of the character takes place already in the game world, with time he is pumped into one of four possible classes: a strong Warrior, a dexterous Archer, a powerful Wizard, or a cunning Summoner (attacking summoned creatures). A character has two main characteristics – health and mana points.

Health determines the survivability index and decreases when receiving any type of damage – from monsters, falling from a great height, contact with lava, or under water. In case of death, the character is revived at his base, but a long search will allow raising his health by several times.

Mana is consumed when using magic items and weapons, but in large quantities is required mainly by Mages.

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How does multiplayer in Terraria work?

There is a cooperative online game in Terraria for 2 or 4 players. To start it, you need to create a server with a new game world and character, or you can join an existing one.

The player can set the basic rules – the number of resources, the hostility of players, and logging in using a password. In part of the gameplay actions described above, it’s proposed to do together, which usually speeds up the game.

There are other network modes in Terraria. For example, in “player versus player” you can fight to the death against other players or teams, and in “gem grabbing” mode, teams must craft gems and steal them from each other.

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