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How to fix TV blinking black screen

Screen ripples or flickers are strongly associated with old TVs, but in practice, the problem can affect modern devices as well. Even if the model supports the most advanced formats with high quality of the transmitted picture, it doesn’t guarantee image stability. The appearance of ripples, flickering screen, and other interference is a phenomenon in which watching TV at least will no longer be comfortable, it can be associated with various factors and, except for those cases where the problem occurred once and eliminated itself, requires diagnosis and actions aimed at eliminating it.

Some problems can be solved by the user himself, others require contact with specialists from the service center. Let’s look at why the TV screen is blinking, what are the diagnostic features depending on the type of TV broadcast and how to fix the problem.

The technical side of blinking

If your TV is blinking, the diagnostic activities for the problem are to find the cause, which may indicate a way to fix it. Some problems are easy to fix, others require professional help, and in the latter case, trying to solve the problem yourself can lead to unfortunate consequences. First, you need to understand why your TV screen is flickering by performing a diagnosis based on these criteria:

  • If the screen flickers when watching TV via cable and not when connecting to the Internet, then the problem is in the antenna.
  • If the cable socket is damaged, the picture will become worse and blink. In this case, the socket needs to be replaced and the procedure should be done by a service professional.
  • Screen flicker in the case of satellite TV can be a one-time problem, usually caused by increased cloud cover.
  • LCD TVs are characterized by regular flickering when the power supply board malfunctions.

Different types of malfunctions

To solve the problem, it is important to identify the moment of its occurrence and determine the character of its appearance, which will allow you to understand why the TV screen is blinking, and to take appropriate action.

Connecting the peripherals

If the picture on the screen started blinking only after connecting external USB devices to the TV, you can be sure to associate the problem with the USB port. Failure of the connector can be caused by physical wear and tear during prolonged use or breakage as a result of careless actions of the user.

Blinking while watching TV channels

The problem of a blinking screen when watching TV can be caused by an improper antenna installation or a setting failure. In this case, the solution is to adjust and lock the device.

Bad signal

One of the reasons why the screen blinks, as well as observed other interference in the TV, is damaged or incorrectly set the source of TV signal receiver.

Permanent screen blinking

If the screen of the TV LG, Samsung, or other manufacturers of modern models constantly blinks, the problem may be in a damaged cable or broken power supply. The phenomenon often occurs on LCD screens, and to fix the problem you need to replace the power supply.

How to fix a blinking of the TV screen

If you want to fix the blinking or flickering of your TV screen, you can try to follow these simple steps:

  • First of all, turn off the TV, unplug it from the power outlet, wait 2-3 minutes and turn it back on. This action resets your TV.
  • Check the connection of cables going to and from the TV.
  • Disable energy efficient features in TV menu.
  • Change the input source to find out if the problem is with the TV or a component.


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