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How to get back to TV on LG Smart TV

All modern TVs are equipped with Smart TV functions. These are now quite smart devices that can run many different apps, streaming and including to these TVs you can connect many devices. For example, you can connect a game console, a set-top box, or even a Blu-ray player. However, when you use another device you connect to its input channel, which means that to go back to the regular TV you have to switch back to the correct input.

This is also a problem with LG TV. Also, the TV can automatically find a new device when you connect it and switch the input to the input of the new device. Actually, it’s quite easy to change the input. You just need your remote control and the Source button or the menu of your Smart TV.

What is TV input on LG Smart TV

It’s hard to imagine a modern home without a big, good TV in the living room. It’s a place to gather with friends or family at the end of the day to watch movies together, watch your favorite show, or discuss the latest news. No wonder many manufacturers make their own TV sets, one of the most popular manufacturers is LG. They make quite high-quality devices with all the features today’s users need. They’ve been making TVs for quite a long time and you might even wonder what year your device is from.

Also, in the era of streaming platforms, many people are still loyal to cable TV and watch regular TV with schedules, ads, and everything else. Of course, it has many advantages, for example, many shows are broadcasted first on TV channels and only then appear on streaming platforms, the TV you can read the latest news before everyone else and on the sports channel, you can watch live the match of your favorite team.

However, often users are faced with the fact that if they have connected another device, for example in the HDMI port, they can’t later go back to their TV output. This can be quite frustrating and distracting. It’s actually quite easy to change the input on your TV. Depending on your device, you will have slightly different procedures, but you will literally need a few minutes to do it anyway.

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How to change the input to TV on LG Smart TV

Actually changing the TV input on your LG TV is pretty easy. There is a special button on your remote control to change the signal source. Although LG Smart TV remotes can vary quite a bit, for example, even in the LG Magic Remote lineup, different remotes can have a lot of differences. To change to a TV on any LG TV remote you need:

  • Press the Input button or the Source button.
  • If you have a Smart TV then you need to select Inputs on the right side of the home page.
  • You will then see a list of inputs on the TV, just select the TV or the input you want and press OK.

As you can see there is nothing complicated about changing the input on LG TV. This way you can switch not only to TV but to any other input if you have more devices connected. Also, different inputs can be attached or renamed.

How to use LG Smart TV without remote

Another frequent problem with LG Smart TV, and in principle with any TV is the loss or breakage of the remote control. This can be really frustrating if your TV is left without remote control, as it isn’t clear how to operate it now. However, there are a few universal methods that can help you control your TV even without a special remote control.

The first thing you should look at is the LG ThinQ app for android and iOS. This is an app that allows you to control your Smart TV. You just need to turn on your TV, download the app and add your device to your smartphone to start using the smart remote control from your smartphone. It’s pretty convenient.

If you don’t like the idea of using your smartphone, however, there are special buttons on each TV to control the TV. That wouldn’t be very convenient because you would have to go to the TV all the time. There is also the option of using a universal remote control, but this also has a number of disadvantages, for example, your universal remote control may not have some of the buttons you need.

How to download apps on LG Smart TV

Another very useful function of LG Smart TV, as well as any other Smart TV is the ability to install apps. You can install streaming services, buy different movies, third-party apps, and more. You can do all this with LG Content Store. In order to install the desired app you need:

  • Go to your TV Home Screen.
  • Then select LG Content Store from the list.
  • After that, select Apps at the top of the screen.
  • Here you will find a search box and just a list of apps by category.
  • When you find the app you want, just click on it and then select the Install button.

Once installed, the app will appear on the LG TV home screen. As you can see it’s quite easy to do. Thus you can install almost any streaming on your LG TV, for example, not so long ago it became possible to add HBO Max to your LG Smart TV.

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Why you should use streaming instead of TV

One of the main advantages of Smart TV over regular TVs is the ability to install different streaming apps. Now there are a lot different streaming services. They’re all quite interesting and have their own unique content. Many users note that streaming services are the most convenient way to watch content at the moment.

Among the pluses of streaming services, everyone cites the absence of advertising. Of course, there are plans with ads, but most streaming services offer their users options with the absence of any advertising inserts. You have to admit that constantly watching commercials is a rather annoying part of classic television.

The low cost is also one of the big pluses of streaming services. Paying a subscription to a streaming service is much more convenient and cheaper than buying each individual movie or series. Usually for a couple of dollars a month you get unlimited access to any show at any time, you no longer have to wait until the desired movie is shown on TV.

Among the disadvantages is that there are a lot of services and you may need several services to cover all the movies you’re interested in. Another disadvantage is that for streaming service you always need a stable connection to the Internet.


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