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How to turn on Insignia TV without remote

Today televisions have become a real attribute of every home. Everyone has big televisions at home on which people watch their favorite shows or movies every night. It is a very important part of any comfortable home.

Buying a good television set has actually become a difficult thing to do. This is mainly due to the fact that companies are releasing devices with many different functions and it is often really difficult to choose what you really need. There are also a lot of televisions that have a lot of different options but they are all of poor quality. One of the best options to buy is an Insignia TV.

But what do you do if you recently bought your TV and it turns out you have a broken remote? Or you lost it. But you still want to turn your TV on and see if it works, or you’ve decided to use it without a remote altogether. Is it possible?

How to turn your Insignia TV on without a remote control

If you’ve lost your remote control or it’s no longer working, you may need a way to turn your TV on without the remote. There are several ways you can do this:

Use the TV’s built-in buttons

If you can’t use remote control, you can always control your TV the old-fashioned way, with the remote control buttons on your TV. Usually, these buttons are located on the back of the device. To access them, you can tilt your TV a bit and check what each button does. Be careful not to drop your TV. If your TV is on the wall, however, this can be a more difficult task. Usually, if you slip your hand underneath, you will be able to press them easily. In that case, you will have to press them and check what each one does.

Get a new remote control

Not so long ago, the company also started making devices that have no buttons at all. If you have such a TV, the only solution is to buy a new remote from Insignia TV. They have a very wide model range and you may even be able to get an upgrade. But you will need to make sure that the new remote fits into your TV model.

Use a universal remote

If you don’t want to spend the money to buy a new Insignia remote then the alternative is to use a universal remote. They work with almost all televisions and don’t need any extra setup. The best thing about these remotes is that they are available at almost any hardware store. Also, some cell phones are equipped with sensors that allow them to control your TV. You can check your phone on the Internet and download TV control apps.

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