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How to use Samsung MultiView with your phone or tablet

Samsung is constantly trying to improve its devices and has therefore introduced several features into its new Smart TVs that expand the functionality of the devices. A big step forward is the Multi View feature. It allows you to use your smartphone or tablet and your TV on the same screen at the same time.

With MultiView, you can do several things at once. And turning it on is quick and easy. Sometimes all you have to do is tap a button on your smartphone or tablet to use it. Well, let’s take a closer look at how to use Samsung MultiView with your smartphone or tablet.

What is Samsung MultiView?

Samsung MultiView is a feature that allows you to broadcast two video content simultaneously on a split screen. Similar split-screen technology is also used in Apple’s iPad tablets. On a split screen, you can watch your favorite content and video chat with someone at the same time.

The TV shows both videos at the same time. You can place the mobile image on one side, overlay it in picture-in-picture mode, or directly share the screen to provide the same space for both picture sources. Depending on the model, the Samsung TV screen can be divided into two or four areas.

This function can be very useful, for example, if you want to watch several sports events at the same time. You can also use it if you want to watch and communicate with someone at the same time.

Thanks to this technology, there are many situations in which you can use it. And it all depends on your imagination. However, it has to be enabled first.

How to turn on MultiView on Samsung TV

If you want to turn on the MultiView feature on your Samsung TV, you can follow these instructions:

  • First of all, turn on your Samsung TV and press the Home button on your remote.
  • Then select the “MultiView” function which looks like three rectangles with a plus symbol in the middle.
  • You can also use a one-touch MultiView button right on the remote control if there’s one.
  • After that, just select the first source (your phone/tablet or Samsung TV).
  • Next, a menu will appear where you can choose the second source. It could be streaming, a game console, a smartphone, or anything you can connect to your Samsung TV.
  • If one of your sources is already connected to the TV, you can access it by clicking on the “select app/source” option.
  • If you want to stream content from your smartphone, you should turn on Screen Mirroring on your mobile device.

Once connected, your smartphone screen will automatically appear on one of your Samsung Smart TV screens. After selecting sources, you can adjust the size of the windows and move them around.

How to connect a mobile device to Samsung TV

To use Samsung MultiView with your smartphone or tablet, you need to connect them to your Samsung TV. The connection method used is wireless with AirPlay for Apple devices or Smart View on Android devices.

For the fastest possible connection, Samsung’s new TVs have added the Tap View feature, which lets you connect your device with a simple tap on the TV. If you want to set up Tap View, you need to install Samsung’s SmartThings app.

To connect your mobile device using Tap View – follow these steps:

  • Open SmarThings on your mobile device and tap on the hamburger button.
  • Go to the “Settings” section.
  • Then select “Tap View”.
  • Finally, just turn on this option by switching a toggle.

Once Tap View is turned on, gently tap the back of your smartphone against the TV to begin mirroring. For best results, try touching the top or side of the screen.

After a successful connection, you will receive a notification on your smartphone to confirm if you want to share the screen.

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How to mirror screen using Samsung SmartThings

If you want to mirror your mobile device screen on your Samsung TV using SmartThings, you can follow these steps:

  • Open the app and tap “Devices”.
  • Then tap on the “+” icon and select “Add device”.
  • After that, tap “Scan” to start searching for any Samsung TV. Make sure that your mobile device and Samsung TV are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.
  • Now, choose your TV and tap “Add”.
  • Go back to the list of devices and tap on the TV again. You can now see that the Smart View option has been updated for your device.
  • Finally, tap “Play/View content”. You should accept the connection request on the TV screen to start mirroring your device.

That’s all you have to know about using Samsung MultiView with your smartphone or tablet. As you can see, it’s not so complicated to enable and use it.



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