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iPadOS 16 coming on October 24

While iOS has traditionally been released along with new iPhones, the iPadOS has been delayed. Usually, Apple released them together. However, at the presentation of the new iPhones, company representatives said that the release of the iPadOS was postponed so they could better polish it. The day before yesterday, during the presentation of the new iPads, they finally told us the exact date. iPadOS 16.1 will be released on October 24.

It was not a mistake, and the company has called the new version of iPadOS, not iPadOS 16, but iPadOS 16.1. This is due to its delay and the fact that it will include the first big patch, which will fix the bugs that delayed the release.

Officially iPadOS 16.1 is supported by the base models of iPad (5th generation and newer), iPad mini (5th generation and newer), iPad Air (3rd generation and newer), and all iPad Pro tablets. Slowly, older tablets are becoming a thing of the past, and you can no longer update them to get new features.

Users who tested earlier versions of iPadOS 16 note that the delay is likely due to the new Stage Manager feature. It’s needed to make the multitasking experience on your iPad as close as possible to that of an average laptop. Although at the beginning of the announcement, it was said that only the new iPads with M1 or M2 processors would support this feature, the company has announced that it will work the same way on the old iPads but without external display support. However, support for displays will be added in a future update that will come out later this year.

However, some reviewers say that this feature only hinders and they “hate” it. We will be able to look at the final result and all the changes as early as next week. Besides Stage Manager, iPadOS 16.1 will bring most of the improvements from iOS 16, such as an improved lock screen, the ability to cut objects out of photos, or a Weather app.



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