LG TruMotion Explained

LG TruMotion What Is It?

As LG claims, TruMotion is an original technology used in LG TVs to improve the picture quality on your screen. The main feature of this technology is the artificial increase in the smoothness of the image. LG TruMotion boosts your TV screen refresh rate to 100, 200, or even 400 MHz. At the same time, it makes the LG TVs matrix respond faster to color changes. As a result, the picture becomes clearer and more realistic, and the movement is smooth without flickering.

That’s how it sounds in theory, but in practice, a lot of users are unsatisfied with this feature. The problem is, when TruMotion is turned on, it destroys any film grain and increases the frame rate. It’s good in theory, but in practice, you just get sth like the Soap Opera effect. The picture becomes unrealistic and therefore many people think that TruMotion is a bad feature.

Do all LG TVs have TruMotion?

Yes, all new LG TVs have TruMotion, as the company includes this feature in all new TV models. Of course, if you’re watching your granny TV, it may be too old to have TruMotion, but all new TVs have it. If you aren’t sure this technology is used in your TV, then most likely it’s simply disabled. If you like the Soap Opera effect – you can turn it on at any time.

How the TruMotion index is assigned to LG TVs?

The higher number, the better. TruMotion 100 and 120 are assigned to entry-level TVs, as in such TVs is used matrix with a 60 Hz refresh rate. So TruMotion boosts screen refresh rate x2, up to 100/120 MHz.

TruMotion 200 and 240 are assigned to TVs with improved screens that support 120 frames per second. In general, the higher frequency – the better. But to be honest, you would still get 60 MHz picture quality, just because 90% of all videos are still made with 60 images per second. No matter the frame rate of your screen – if the video was made with 60 images a second, you would get them and nothing more.

Should TruMotion be on or off?

That depends on what you like. My colleague, when I was consulting him about this article said:

– If you want to enjoy the maximum clearness and vividness of the picture, then you should turn it on. The difference is visible while watching sports, movies, and TV shows which contain a lot of dynamic scenes.

Actually, I can’t agree with him. If you like Soap Opera looking image – you need to keep TruMotion on, if no – then turn it off. Just test different ways and find your best.

Can LG TruMotion be turned off?

How to disable this option? Simple! You can find this option under Picture Menu > Picture Mode Settings > Picture Options. If you didn’t find TruMotion, then it’s best to ask your TV’s manual, which you can also find online. By the way, some older TVs might not even have an option to turn it off. In this case, the only way to disable it is to replace it with a newer TV.

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