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Microsoft confirmed that the latest update for Windows 11 reduces performance

Shortly after Windows 11 version 22H2 appeared, gamers noted that their games suffered noticeable FPS drops, lags, and crashes. The problem was initially thought to be exclusively related to Nvidia graphics cards, and Nvidia released a beta driver to fix the problem. Still, Microsoft confirmed that a wide range of hardware was affected.

“Some games and applications may have lower-than-expected performance or twitch in version 22H2 of Windows 11,” Microsoft confirmed on its website. “Affected games and apps inadvertently include GPU performance debugging features not intended for consumer use.”

Microsoft has suspended automatic updates to all hardware that might have problems with 22H2. The company suggested that patches have already been released for some games that fix the performance issues in the latest version of Windows 11, and an update to those versions could fix the problem for those affected. Microsoft doesn’t recommend manually upgrading to 22H2 until the issue is resolved.

Anyone still running Windows 10 can continue to play without problems, proving that upgrading to the latest software is not always the best solution.



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