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Nvidia RTX 4090 melts power cables

Nvidia’s mighty RTX 4090 flagship graphics processor melts 16-pin power connectors, failing at maximum graphics settings in demanding games. One social media post documented a case where an RTX 4090 power supply melted, resulting in both Nvidia and third-party graphics card manufacturer Gigabyte being mocked online.

This isn’t the first time Nvidia’s powerful new GPU has found itself in an unfortunate situation. Last year, after the release of the 3080 Ti series, gamers began to report black screens and howling fans of the graphics card. At first, Amazon Games’ New World game was thought to be the culprit for the GPU glitch. Still, it was later revealed that the build quality of Gigabyte’s 3080 Ti cards was to blame, which caused even more confusion in the community when Nvidia pulled its controversial 12GB 4080 GPU from production.

Gamers have expressed concerns about power requirements and the very demanding design of the RTX 4090 series cards, and it appears those concerns are justified.

Reddit user reggie_gakil posted a photo of a charred RTX 4090 connection cable, stating that the card began to smoke while playing Red Dead Redemption 2. As a result, the GPU failed, causing the user’s screen to go dark. He was shocked when he opened his case and found a charred video card power cable inside. It was recently reported that the RTX 4090 Ti was canceled due to similar problems, but the RTX 4090 series GPUs were thought to be functioning as intended.

Ironically, behind the melted power connector was a Gigabyte-brand GPU, the same brand that led to many 3080 Ti failures last year.

Gamers criticize the card’s size and power requirements, and most gamers are shocked by the card’s $1600 price tag. Owners of the new RTX 4090 got excited when it was announced that Cyberpunk 2077 would support the new DLSS 3.0, exclusive to the 40-series cards. Now that joy has been replaced by worry.



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