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Samsung AU8000 vs TU8000 compared: Why you should buy a 2021 year model?

Every time companies release new models, many customers get a choice: buy a previous generation TV and save some money or buy a current year TV and get all the upgrades. The same situation happens with the Samsung AU8000 and Samsung TU8000, I am constantly asked which of these TVs is worth buying. So in this article, let’s break down in detail whether it makes sense to buy the 2021 model and what alternatives there are to the Samsung AU8000.

Samsung AU8000 vs TU8000: What’s the difference?

First we need to understand the differences between the AU8000 and the TU8000. First, the TU8000 is a 2020 TV and the AU8000 is a 2021 TV. This is the first major difference that plays a role.

Indeed, the tech specs of the two TVs are almost identical, except for a few things:

  1. The AU8000 TV comes with the new Samsung One Remote (TM2180A)
  2. the Samsung AU8000 has a newer version of the operating system Tizen 6.0
  3. Samsung AU8000 features Auto Game Mode (ALLM), which means that the TV automatically detects when the console is connected and thus automatically switches to the game mode.

These are all the differences between the Samsung AU8000 and Samsung TU8000, but the most important one I think is that the Samsung AU8000 has a new version of the OS and therefore more features. TU8000 as well as other 2020 TVs will not get this update.

So, imho, it’s better to buy Samsung AU8000.

Does AU8000 worth buying?

It is important to understand that this is a mid-range TV, which has a conventional LED screen, not QLED. If you want to buy exactly LED TV, the AU8000 is obviously worth buying, but if you want to buy a better quality TV, you can look at the Samsung QA60 or QA70. It is of course a bit more expensive, but for that money you get a QLED screen.

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