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Samsung TV model numbers explained: here’s what to know

Sometimes there are situations when you need to know some information about your TV, but you can’t google its model. In this case, a quick review of the model number will be enough to gather quite a lot of information. Few people know that model numbers hide almost all information about your TV. You can find out the year when your TV model was released, screen technology, destination market, screen size, and much more.

In the case of Samsung, there are differences in the format of model numbers for different TVs: QLED, Crystal technology, and conventional TVs. There is also a special TV series called the LifeStyle line. It includes such models as The Frame, The Serif, The Terrace, and The Sero. They have a slightly different model number than the other TVs

Also, the type of model numbers has changed over time, until 2008 quite different model numbers were used because of the different designs of TVs. In 2008 has introduced new numbering scheme was. At that time, the new model numbering scheme is introduced only when Samsung releases a new TV line.

What information you can find on the model number

Model numbers are essentially the manufacturer’s code assigned to your Samsung TV. It’s used to identify it precisely.

This number contains the exact information for which region it was produced, what year your TV model was developed, the screen type and size, model number, and its digital tuners, as well as the model number indicating which series your TV belongs to.

Also by looking at the model number you can understand in what year the TV was manufactured and how the number changed during that time. It is assigned to every TV and is made in such a way that you can fully know all the information about your TV just by looking at the number.

How Samsung TV model numbers have changed over time

Model numbers have changed over time as they reflect changes in the TV market. The numbers you see now have little in common with what they were in 2005, for example. To make a long story short, the periods of greatest change are as follows:

  • 2002-2007 – the TV designation was fairly simple, indicating the division by type, flat TFT, plasma, and kinescope.
  • 2008 – The most global changes took place in 2008. A new type of number was introduced. Now, in the model numbers was added information about the development year, digital tuner type, and design.
  • 2017-2018 – A new designation was introduced for the QLED TVs that were released.
  • 2018 – Special designations appeared for TVs from special series, such as The Frame (LifeStyle line).
  • 2019 – Changed the model number due to the introduction of TVs with 8K screens

How to find the Samsung TV model number

Before you start decoding the model number – you will need to find the exact model number of your TV. The most obvious way is to look at the box. However, if you need it several years after the purchase when you have already thrown the box away (no one is going to keep boxes for several years), there are several alternative ways to find out your Samsung TV model number:

  • The most obvious and easiest way is to look it up in your TV menu :
    • If you have an older TV before 2016 then you need to go to Settings, open the Menu and then go to Support → Contact Samsung → the Model Code field will show the TV model.
    • If you have a newer model from 2016 then you need to go to Menu → Support → About this TV.
  • If your TV isn’t mounted on the wall and you have access to its back panel, you can find the TV model number on the information sticker on the back.
  • You can also see the TV model in the service or engineering menu.
  • Of course, you can always look it up on the box or receipt of purchase if you have it with you.

What does the model number in Samsung TV Full HD, UHD mean

Samsung TV model numbers

The basic and most widespread Samsung TV types are Full HD and UHD TVs. To be fair, understanding UHD and Full HD model numbers will give you an almost complete understanding of how Samsung TV model numbers work for all other series and lines.

Also, Samsung sets the full range of TV tuners to their TVs, so there is no need to designate them with a separate symbol.

Here’s how to understand the Samsung TV model number of Full HD or UHD TV.

You can find a complete model number decoding list at the bottom of the article

  1. The first letter on the TV marking means that the product is a TV. If the TV doesn’t have QLED technology, the first letter is a “U”. If you have a model released earlier than 2012, the first character can be either “H” or “L”.
  2. The second symbol indicates the region where the model is sold. For example, “E” is used for Europe, while “N” can stand for both the US and Korea.
  3. After the first two letters, there are two numbers. They represent the diagonal screen size in inches.
  4. After the digits represent the diagonal value, there is a letter indicating the year of manufacture of the TV. For example:
    • “T” is for 2020.
    • “R” is 2019.
    • “N” is 2018.
    • “M” is 2017.
    • “K” is 2016.
    • “J” is 2015.
    • “H” is 2014.
    • “F” is 2013.
    • “E” is 2012.
  5. The following designation is quite interesting because it is an abbreviation of abbreviations. These abbreviations indicate the resolution of the matrix. For example, “S” stands for SUHD, which in turn stands for Super Ultra HD. The “U” stands for UHD. This abbreviation stands for Ultra HD. If this value isn’t in the marking, it means that the TV set has a Full HD screen resolution.
  6. After the resolution value, there is a number indicating the series of TVs. A series combines models that share the same set of technologies and basic technical specs, such as the resolution of the matrix.
  7. Next is a number that indicates the model. The model refers to a variant of TV from one series with certain specs, connectors, and features.
  8. After the model indicator, you will see 2 numbers. They indicate the design, the shape of the stand, and the color of the device’s body. They’re necessary because even within one model the manufacturer can change the type of the stand, the thickness of the frame, or the color of the device.
  9. The last letters indicate the type of digital tuner. For example:
    • “W” is DVB-T/C.
    • “K” is DVB-T2/C.
    • “U” is DVB-T2/C/S2.
    • T” is 2xDVB-T2/C/S2.

The second letter denotes the region where the model is sold. XRU means the TV is for sale in Russia, and XY means it will or was sold in Australia, etc.

What is the difference between the model numbers in LED TVs before 2017

LED TV 32” FHD 2013

It’s also worth knowing that slightly different marking was used for LED TVs before 2017. The FullHD and UltraHD model monitors indicated which digital tuners were installed in the TV. There was also a division on the type of matrix and screen resolution installed.

Later, Samsung began to equip their TVs with only two types of matrices LED and QLED. They also began to put a complete set of tuners. Therefore, this marking is no longer used.

What does the model number in Samsung TV QLED mean

Samsung QLED TVs model numbers

If we’re talking about TV models with QLED quantum dot technology, the designating is slightly different. The thing is that the company has put them in a separate lineup. Accordingly, the values in the model number for them are slightly different. Below is a deciphering of the models for 2017 – 2018:

  1. The first letter “Q” means that the model is from the line of QLED TVs.
  2. Next, as with models without quantum dot technology, the second letter denotes the region for which the model is released. So, for Europe, it is the letter “E”, for the U.S., Canada, and Korea it is “N”, and for Africa, it is the letter “A”.
  3. Then there are numbers that denote the diagonal of the TV in inches.
  4. After the diagonal is a series of QLED TVs. In this case, always duplicated letter Q, and then comes a number denoting the series number.
  5. The letter following the series designation indicates the shape of the TV screen. An “F” means the TV has a flat-screen, while a “C” indicates a curved screen.
  6. Next is the letter designation of the year of manufacture of the TV. It is identical to a conventional TV.
  7. After this comes the type of backlighting of the screen. So “A” stands for Edge-lit LED, side backlight. The “B” stands for Full Array Backlight.
  8. Then comes the letter designation of the type of digital tuners and for which country the device is made. These televisions are top-end and usually carry the entire set of tuners, the differences may consist of regional broadcasting standards.

If we’re talking about models from 2019, the marking will decipher slightly differently:

Samsung TVs model number
  1. The first letter “Q” denotes the line of QLED TVs.
  2. Next, as in QLED TVs 2017 – 2018, followed by the region for which the model is released. The designations are identical to those for older models.
  3. Followed by the TV diagonal in inches.
  4. After the diagonal is the QLED TV series, duplicated with the letter Q and two or three digits – the series number. For example Q60, Q85, Q900, etc.
  5. Unlike the 17, 18 years removed the letter that indicates a curved or flat screen, so that after the series now appears the year of production. The designations are the same as for the 2017 and 2018 models.
  6. Next is the generation of the TV within the series. A – first-generation, B – second generation. As an example, the second generation of 2019 Q900 series models has begun to install HDMI 2.1 ports and the remote control has been replaced.
  7. The last letters are the type of digital tuner. The designations are present as follows:
    “W” – DVB-T/C
    “K” – DVB-T2/C
    “U” – DVB-T2/C/S2
    “T” – 2xDVB-T2/C/S2
  8. Then there is the sales region of the model. The designations are the same as for the older models.

What is the model number of the Samsung TV in the LifeStyle series

Samsung TV LifeStyle series model numbers

A separate LifeStyle category has been created for televisions with a non-optional design and special features. In the beginning, these TVs were designated slightly differently. The designation of model numbers of LifeStyle TVs corresponds to the designation of LED and QLED TVs. Only the code designating the LifeStyle series (LS) is added, as well as the TV type designation. It comes right after the screen size in inches.

  • 01 – The Serif
  • 03 – The Frame
  • 05 – The Sero
  • T7, T9 – The Terrace

How to decode each symbol in model Number

If you want to decipher what your model number means, here is a simple guide to deciphering this puzzle:

Type of screen

The first letter indicates the technology of manufacture of the screen:

  • U – LED TV – Light-Emitting Diode
  • Q – QLED, LCD matrix using quantum dots

All modern models of Samsung TVs use matrix on liquid crystals (LCD) as a display; the backlighting of the matrix and the quality of the matrix differs. That is why there are U models and Q TVs.

The types of screen can also include form, there are flat and curved displays. Already in 2019, only one series comes with a curved display, and before that, there were more models with this screen. Before 2018, these letters were used in the model numbering:

  • F – flat-screen
  • C – curved screen


The second letter denotes where the TV will be sold

  • E – Europe
  • A – Asia, Africa, Australia
  • S – Iran
  • N – Korea, North and South America

Screen size

Next in the model number are two numbers that show the diagonal size of the screen in inches (1 inch = 2.54 cm).

TV series

The following symbols indicate the series and sub-series of Samsung TVs.

  • The first digit should be from 4 to 9, it denotes the series of your TV. The bigger the number, the better TV in terms of quality and performance.
  • The second digit denotes the subseries.
  • The third symbol refers to the design, so it doesn’t reveal any technical parameters.

Year of Production

Next in the marking is a letter, which indicates the year of manufacture.

  • B – 2022
  • A – 2021
  • T – 2020
  • R – 2019
  • N – 2018
  • M – 2017
  • KS/KU – 2016
  • JS/JU – 2015
  • H – 2014.
  • F – 2013.
  • E – 2012
  • D – 2011
  • C – 2010
  • B – 2009
  • A – 2008

Also in 2015-2016, additional letters were added to those signifying the year:

  • S – “SUHD” branded TVs (produced in 2015 and 2016);
  • U – ultra-high resolution 4K UHD screen.

All Q (QLED) and S (SUHD) models are 8K or 4K UHD (3840×2160) resolution.

TV generation

The following will indicate the generation of your TV

  • A – 1 gen
  • B – 2 gen
  • S – super TVs
  • G – TV for Germany


Next is the tuner symbol:

  • AW (W) – DVB-T/C tuner
  • AB (B,AU or U) – DVB-T2/C/S2 tuner
  • AK (K) – DVB-T2/C tuner
  • AT (T) – two 2 x DVB-T2/C/S2 tuners
  • SB – DVB-T2/C/S2 tuner
  • SS – DVB-T/C/S2 tuner
  • ST – two tuners 2 x DVB-T2/C/S2
  • SL – two tuners 2 x DVB-T/C/S2
  • AF (BF) – DTV Tuner/Digital Cable Tuner/Analog Tuner
  • DK – DVB-T2/C
  • AR (DR) – DTV Tuner/Analog Tuner

There may be one or two letters after that. According to the company, these letters don’t carry any information for the consumers. They may not appear.

Destination Country

And the last is three letters that indicate the country in which this TV will be sold:

  • XRU – Russia
  • XUA – Ukraine
  • XCS – Kazakhstan
  • XZF – France
  • XXU – UK
  • XZT – Italy
  • XXC – Spain
  • XZA – US
  • XXY – Australia;
  • XMA (XXM) – Malaysia
  • XZN – Arab countries
  • XXT – India, Thailand
  • XMS – Asia
  • XZG – Germany, Austria, and Switzerland
  • XXN – Belgium, Holland, Luxembourg
  • XBT – Baltic region
  • XXE – Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland
  • XXH – Eastern Europe

How else to find out what model your TV is by year

You can quite easily determine which model of TV you have. To do this, just check the year of manufacture of your TV. This information can be found in the model number. For example, for 2019 TVs, the letter R will appear in the number. These TVs are assembled from the second quarter of 2019 to the second quarter of 2020. So, if you already know what year your TV is, it will be pretty easy for you to find out what type it is with a few quick tips:

  • Samsung TVs 2020 – Most of the Samsung TVs this year were equipped with new dual backlit screens. This has greatly improved the picture quality. Also, Samsung has made an effort to improve the sound quality. New technologies were developed that improved sound perception.
  • Samsung TVs 2019 – this year they started to produce TVs with 8k resolution and this is reflected in the designating. From the model number designation of the TVs on quantum dots, they have replaced the letter that denotes which TV is flat or curved. Now it’s numbers instead of letters.
  • Samsung TVs 2018 – this year, the Super series disappeared and was replaced by the QLED series. Compared to 2017, these TVs have improved the processors in the top-end TVs.
  • Samsung TVs 2017 – This is the year Samsung made a separate QLED series for quantum dot TVs. The TVs themselves remained the same. They improved the processes for faster performance. But in general, the TVs remained the same as in 2016.
  • Samsung TVs in 2016 – TV model numbers remained exactly the same as in previous years. Only the letter denoting the year of manufacture has changed.
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