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Sony is going to release mobile games

The mobile market today brings in so much money that some projects are far superior to AAA games in terms of earnings. No wonder all the game companies are trying to grab a piece for themselves. Now Sony announced that they’re creating a division for mobile gaming.

Previously Sony has always wanted their games to be exclusives for their consoles. Recently, however, that trend has been changing. After releasing games like God of War and Spider-Man on PC, the company has found out that other platforms can make just as much money.

Sony created PlayStation Studios Mobile Division, their goal will be to develop mobile games. It isn’t clear yet whether the newbies will release new titles or make games using the PlayStation IP. The company has already acquired Savage Game Studios, a game developer based in Helsinki and Berlin. It will soon be integrated into the new PlayStation Studios Mobile Division.

Sony said that this division is already working on a “new AAA mobile action game with live service,” which has not yet been announced, but we can expect more information about it soon.

In fact, this is another attempt by Sony to bring its games and brands to even more people. Mobile games have become a real trend today. Almost everyone plays them and so they have become a great tool for making money and spreading your brand to as many people as possible.

The company says that mobile game development will not stop them from developing AAA titles because different people will be doing it. At this point, don’t expect AAA games from your PlayStation to appear on your mobile smartphone, but individual games on familiar universes for smartphones can be expected.



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