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One of the best controllers for your iPhone was released by Backbone

Backbone is known for releasing controllers for your phone that you can use in mobile games to give yourself more comfortable control. The company recently released a new version of the PlayStation Edition controller exclusively for iPhones.

Rumors that a controller was supposed to come out of PlayStation started back in November 2021. It’s unclear whether Backbone was referring specifically to the controller. However, its release version is very close to what was rumored. Just like the standard Backbone One is an external controller in which you can clip your smartphone. When connected to your smartphone, it will give you the ability to use physical buttons instead of a touch screen. What makes the Backbone One PlayStation Edition special is that it looks similar to the PlayStation 5 DualSense controller. Also, this controller is officially licensed by Sony.

This means that in combination with the application Remote Play and a good Internet connection, you can play games from PS4 or PS5 directly from your smartphone. Of course, I would not advise you to play online competitive games because when you connect via Remote Play there will be a noticeable delay, which does not interfere with single-player games, but when playing online shooter you will be in a weak position.

However, you can also play other games using this controller. For example, Game Pass games from Xbox or titles that are made specifically for mobile devices. Plus, you’ll get three months of Discord Nitro, two months of Google Stadia Pro, and one month of Apple Arcade. The controller will be priced at $99.99 and only be available in white. The PlayStation Edition is not compatible with Android at this time.



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