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The countries without a single McDonald’s restaurant

McDonald’s is a corporation that is the largest fast food chain. Despite the fact that all over the world there has long been a cult of good nutrition. The relevance of McDonald’s isn’t diminishing, on the contrary, despite the large choice of other fast food restaurants in every country.

Some people are attracted to this restaurant chain by the taste of the food, not like other fast food. Others appreciate McDonald’s for its service. After all, even though service is at an all-time high in our modern world, McDonald’s is still one of the best fast food restaurants.

What is the main purpose of McDonald’s

The most important goal of McDonald’s fast food restaurants is to provide the customer with fast, quality service using a standard set of products. Some people don’t think this place is good enough considering that they are fast food restaurants. Even though they do sell fast food there, the service of every restaurant in the world is really top-notch. The reason for this is the high standards that every restaurant anywhere in the world has to meet.

The brand of the restaurant is beyond the competition. The real competitors of the restaurant are the McDonald’s restaurants themselves. Every restaurant in this chain has a professional and responsive staff, quality food, value for money, clean and stylish space, and is easy to pay for.

In modern and leading countries with McDonald’s in front of you any of the convenient ways to pay. For some reason, people who aren’t frequent visitors of these restaurants often wonder if McDonald’s accepts Google Pay. McDonald’s provides its customers with the most convenient and favorable conditions for visiting.

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Which countries don’t have any McDonald’s restaurants

McDonald’s is amazing what it has been able to grow into in that span of time. Even in the modern world, there are few franchise restaurants that can compete with McDonald’s, although they are, still, McDonald’s fans are more.

Also in today’s world, we shouldn’t forget that these kinds of restaurants significantly leave a footprint on nature. However, the contribution to the preservation of nature and all-natural resources McDonald’s does. McDonald’s finds new and innovative ways to reduce emissions, prevent waste and conserve natural resources.

Despite the fact that there are almost 40,000 McDonald’s restaurants around the world, there are countries where there are none at all. In fact, each country with no McDonald’s has a number of different reasons. Some countries lack supply chains and infrastructure. Other countries don’t need it because it’s financially problematic for the population.

One reason is that some countries are too politically unstable. Another reason is that in some countries the national diet is too different from McDonald’s menu and the company will suffer losses. However, also it’s necessary to consider that every year this list of the countries in which McDonald’s is absent quite quickly decreases.

Together with it the McDonald’s company develops quickly and offers its visitors all possible conditions to visit them and not only. Today there are many countries where it’s possible to order food from McDonald’s with home delivery. In most countries where it’s practiced, delivery is made by Uber Eats. If you have any problems with this service and need to delete your Uber Eats account, refer to the article.


What countries do McDonald’s not exist in

Despite the fact that the list of countries in which there are no McDonald’s restaurants every year is decreasing, there are still many countries where they aren’t. The list is long and each country has its own reasons for this. Also in the world, there is a number of countries where there were McDonald’s restaurants, but for some reason, we’re forced to close:

  • Iceland. Before the financial crisis in 2009, there were several McDonald’s restaurants. However after the collapse of the national currency financially it wasn’t profitable for the owners of the business in Iceland.
  • Montenegro. McDonald’s company tried to enter the market by opening a mobile restaurant, but nothing good came out of it.
  • Bolivia. The reason for the absence of McDonald’s in this country is that the inhabitants didn’t suit this type of food, and as a result restaurants had to close.
  • Macedonia. There were restaurants in this country, but until, the European office of the chain stopped the franchisees’ licenses for unspecified reasons in 2013.
  • Jamaica. McDonald’s lasted 10 years in Jamaica but collapsed, unable to withstand the competition.

Unfortunately, at the moment there are no McDonald’s restaurants in these countries, the people of these countries have to hope that there will be a new owner who will start to franchise and return to their country’s fast food restaurants. There are also countries that have never had McDonald’s restaurants on their territory, there are a lot of these countries:

  • Afghanistan
  • Angola
  • Bangladesh
  • Iran
  • Cambodia
  • Ethiopia
  • Iran
  • Iraq
  • Namibia
  • Nepal
  • North Korea
  • Nigeria
  • Seychelles
  • Sudan
  • Uzbekistan

In fact, this isn’t a complete list of countries where there has never been and isn’t currently a McDonald’s restaurant. Also, to date, there is no official information that this company will enter the restaurant business of these countries.

What is McDonald’s history

In fact, the history of the creation of McDonald’s is very interesting. Because before working in the format in which all visitors to these restaurants are accustomed to seeing, McDonald’s tried many things. This story began in 1940. The company was founded by brothers Mac and Dick McDonald.

They had a difficult and long way to develop their business, as they started with a cheap diner near the airport in California. Three years later the McDonald brothers opened their own fast food restaurant. McDonald’s was the first food service establishment in history to use a conveyor belt method to prepare and serve food.

Because this system existed, customers were served very quickly and with high quality at the same time. Thanks to the simple standard menu, reasonable prices, and high-quality service McDonald’s became very popular. In the same way, the attendance of the establishment has also increased. After that, the brothers decided to attract Ray Kroc to their team.

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Did Ray Kroc steal McDonald’s

Ray Kroc is the man who brought McDonald’s worldwide popularity. He often failed at his own projects, then when he noticed the success of McDonald’s he realized that’s what he wanted to do. Exactly Ray Kroc suggested to the owners of McDonald’s to expand their business by means of a franchising system.

So it’s possible to say confidently that Kroc is the founder of the franchise business model. The contract with the franchisee was for 20 years. There were a lot of people wishing to buy a franchise and the company’s business was going up.

After a few years, the brothers went out of business and decided to devote their lives to their family and sold the business to Ray Kroc for a huge amount of money at that time. Thanks to this man, this corporation is now feeding its visitors in many countries around the world.

Since the modern world doesn’t stand still, given how fast and active restaurants and food delivery services are developing, it’s quite foolish not to take advantage of it, because it will help you to save a good deal of time. That’s why you should find out if Hellofresh accepts food stamps, if you have them you can get some benefits.


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