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TikTok is preparing to launch an in-app shopping feature

TikTok has just launched the TikTok Shop, where users can now shop directly through the app, also available in the U.S. The company previously tested the TikTok Shop in the United Kingdom and seven Southeast Asian countries such as Indonesia, Thailand, and Vietnam.

The official TikTok Shop Seller Center website now lists the U.S. as the location for businesses to register. These businesses will soon be able to sell their goods directly through the TikTok app. So it’s worth waiting for international sellers to display their interests on the TikTok Shop.

There are opinions that the owners of ByteDance want to beat out other e-retail giants like Amazon, and given the popularity of TikTok, this could happen.

Additionally, there are reports that the company is buying data on users’ wishlists and shopping carts. It also targets users with algorithmic ads for items they might want to buy. This suggests that the company is set up to attract many customers.

TikTok isn’t the first site to add such a feature. Instagram has been counting the ability for users to buy directly from merchants for quite some time now. On Instagram, it works so that customers contact the seller through the chat feature.



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