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Westworld’s fourth season is the last for HBO’s sci-fi drama

On Friday, HBO decided to cancel the popular sci-fi series after its final fourth season, which ended Aug. 14.

The Westworld series has been the most talked about since it debuted on HBO in 2016. It’s a series many will love, a dystopian drama set in a high-tech theme park centered on the Wild West.

The budget for this show was over $100 million. The series received more than 50 nominations and won nine TV Academy Awards. Also, Tandive Newton won an Emmy for Best Supporting Actress in 2018. However, along with that, ratings and viewership plummeted over four seasons.

One of the show’s creators said he hopes HBO will order a fifth season to complete the series correctly. Many don’t exclude the possibility of a fifth season, but there is no indication. Maybe HBO will want to do a movie version.

Many viewers remained enthralled, but most cast off that it was an exciting series but not a new idea about the humanity of robots. The plot around what everything is wrapped around is a high-tech quest park called Westworld, populated by androids-humans with artificial intelligence.

The cool thing about this park is that it’s filled with androids, special biorobots that are indistinguishable from living humans in appearance. Each android is individually programmed. It has a past, a present, desires, and feelings in its head. There is a detailed character for each android, painstakingly written out type, and propensities.

You are disappointed for those who like dynamics because there is no banality in the series. Every phrase of the characters carries meaning, and every dialogue is written for a reason. At the end of the series, this is especially poignant as you realize the scale of the whole idea.



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