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What are the top 5 banks that invested the most in crypto and blockchain now

Blockdata has released a report about top banks that invested the most in crypto, so now we can estimate how these banks are grabbing for a piece of an emerging crypto and blockchain market, that’s estimated to be around $2 trillion.

The top largest banks have currently invested around 1.5 billion dollars in companies related to cryptocurrency and blockchain.

Also, Blockdata indicates in the report that 55% of the top 100 banks have invested in companies and projects related to digital currencies and blockchain (directly or indirectly).

Standard Chartered – $380 million

The bank has invested in Cobalt, a trading technology provider based in the UK. It also has invested in Ripple, a blockchain network with XRP token that has a $58 billion market cap, according to Coinmarketcap, that makes it the 6 largest cryptocurrencies in terms of market supply.

Total investments: 6.

The full list of investments: Ripple, Cobalt, Dianrong, Metaco, Linklogis.

BNY Mellon – $321 million

BNY Mellon has invested in Fireblocks, a platform for issuing, moving, and storing cryptocurrencies for financial institutions. BNY Mellon investments are concentrated around services that allow storing cryptocurrencies and in services that take money for looking after people’s crypto assets.

Total investments: 5.

The full list of investments: Fireblocks, HQLAx, R3, Fnality International.

Citibank – $279 million

In total Citibank has invested in 14 projects, including SETL, distributed ledger technology for financial services, and Axoni.

Total investments: 14.

The full list: BUCK, Chain, SETL, Axoni, Cobalt, Digital Asset, HQLAx, R3, Komgo, Symbiont.

UBS – $266 million

The Swiss bank has made 5 investments, including investments in Axoni that offers blockchain infrastructure, distributed application development, and workflow automation tools.

Total investments: 5.

The full list: Axoni, R3, Fnality International, ConsenSys.

BNP Paribas – $236 million

The French conglomerate has invested in HQLAx and Digital Asset, a company specialized in developing real-time trade and settlement applications using smart contracts based on the DAML programming language.

Total investments: 9.

The full list: HQLAx, Digital Asset, R3, METRON, TradeIX, Komgo, Token.

This story wawritten by Vladislav Sheridan and reviewed by Anatoliy Sheridan, a Head of Content, according to Splaitor’s Quality and Fact-Checking Policy.

Featured image credit: The Japan Times

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