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What happened to Monkey App?

The Monkey app is a video chat platform that connects millions of people through video calls. Many people thought it was a fantastic project to bring people together online and help them find new friends.

Many users have noticed that the app is missing and not in the AppStore. This is because the users constantly violated the rules of use, and the creators of the app Monkey didn’t cope with moderation.

What is Monkey App?

The Monkey app appeared in 2016. Since then, it introduced users to a video chat platform where they could chat with people. Monkey works in a way that uses Snapchat usernames for video chats lasting around 10-15 seconds.

The idea of the app was that in the first 15 seconds, the users could create an impression of themselves and evaluate the person they were talking to. After 15 seconds, you had to make a choice and move on to the conversation, that is, to offer your interlocutor. Or move on to the following user.

The developers said they did this to help people discover themselves. Because in 15 seconds, you have to try to prove yourself and get to know your interlocutor. That’s why many users thought it was a cool project.

Why is the Monkey app banned?

After the Monkey app disappeared from the AppStore, many people didn’t realize it. At first glance, the app doesn’t seem to cause any harm and looks pretty harmless. However, the reason lies in the community of the app.

As most of the users started the video chat to find a couple, they continued communicating in the app community. Becausee of this, sharing in the district violated the rules of any public society. Users wrote obscene messages and attached nude photos or photos of body parts.

This is a problem with many online chat rooms. You can often find offensive or sexualized content in them, and it’s hard to moderate it automatically. As a result, AppStore moderators thought it was inappropriate content and worth getting rid of

At the same time, many users complained that they encountered sexually explicit content while using the app’s video chat feature. This was the reason for removing it from the App Store. The platform received frequent complaints about sexual violence, which led to the ban.

How to download the Monkey app after deleting it from iOS?

Although the Monkey app is no longer available in the AppStore, you can install the app on your android device. That is, there is no way to use the Monkey app on Apple devices because it has been removed from the AppStore.

There is no information on whether the app will return to the AppStore. However, if the app developers change their rules and develop a system that will quickly block inappropriate content, they might succeed.

However, you can download and install the Monkey app on your android smartphone or tablet. It’s still available in the Google Play Store.

You can install the Monkey app on your Windows 11 PC if you feel comfortable doing so or if you don’t have an Android device.

You can also use the web version through your browser. Whether you have an iPhone or an Android device, you can have a 15-second video chat in your browser. These are the only ways to use the Monkey app unless it was installed on your iPhone when it was blocked in the AppStore.



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