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What is a phone EID number explained

EID stands for Embedded Identification Document. EID is built into the SIM card in the phone and acts as an identifier. This identifier is part of a new type of Sim card. This type of SIM card allows you to use mobile operator’s services without using an external Sim card because they are already built into the phone. These Sim cards are ESIM.

What ESIM is and how does it work

The ESIM concept appeared in 2014. The concept was to eliminate the use of removable SIM cards. Instead, it was planned to put electronic SIM cards in the phones, directly built-in chips not subject to further removal or replacement by hand. The EID is a unique number for each SIM card. This number consists of 32 digits. Of course, such SIM cards can connect to any operator, and using your card ID you can connect to any operator working with a new type of SIM card.

What you need to know before connecting your SIM card to phone operator

First, you need the EID to connect to the mobile operator’s services. An important condition for connecting to a mobile operator using a device with ESIM is whether the operator supports this type of SIM card. You can check this on the operator’s website or by contacting their customer support center.

How to activate ESIM with EID

Activation is quite simple. If the operator supports this type of SIM, you need to send your EID to the operator. The operator will in turn tie your EID to your phone number and your account. After that, you will start to use the services of the operator by paying in advance the agreed tariff.

How to connect EID on postpaid tariffs

Connection of EID on postpaid tariffs, the contract demands:

  1. You must obtain a QR-code from your operator.
  2. Contact the representative of the mobile operator in one of the stores.
  3. After that they will create a new account for you, or if you already have an account, you will simply have your existing phone number transferred.
    A visit to the store is necessary to ensure that your confidential data safe. It’s a common thing to link your phone to bank cards and other personal accounts on other resources. Your presence during the connection operation will help you to ensure that your data remains only between you and the operator’s company.

Connecting a phone number using EID on prepaid plans

To connect the phone number using EID on prepaid plans, you will need:

  1. Because prepaid phone numbers are less secure, you only need to download the operator’s mobile app to activate the built-in SIM card.
  2. After downloading, open the app and select a tariff plan.

How to find your EID number

If you need to find the EID for activation or registration of the tariff plan, it can be found on the package to the phone or in its settings. If you are already connected to the operator, you can also find it out from the operator. In order to find the EID number in the settings, you need:

  1. Open the Settings.
  2. Go to General.
  3. Select About.
  4. Scroll to the bottom and find the EID.
    Under this item you will find your EID. If you won’t find it there, contact support of the place where you bought your phone.
Vladimir Sereda
Vladimir Sereda
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