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What is Crystal Processor 4K on Samsung TVs explained

Nowadays, such large manufacturers of different types of electronics as Samsung are trying to constantly improve their technologies. The quality of the picture and TVs, in general, improves every year, new powerful models come out. At the same time, TVs are becoming more affordable for users. At the moment most of the new models of Samsung TVs are already available with 4K resolution, and sometimes with a built-in 3D function. And of course, don’t forget about the more expensive models with 8K resolution.

If you’ve decided on a manufacturer like Samsung when choosing a TV, you should definitely check out their great Crystal 4K TV series. You’ll immediately be able to see the difference compared to other lower-end models. But before you buy a TV, it’s best to make sure you’re making the right choice and know that it won’t let you down and will show a stable beautiful picture. So, here is about the hardware of the Samsung TV. What is actually Crystal Processor 4K? And what is the difference between Crystal 4K and for example QLED models?

What is 4K or UHD

Before you figure out what Crystal Processor 4K is, it is important to generally understand what 4K or UHD (Ultra High Definition) means. When you buy a UHD TV, it means that your TV has a 4K display resolution (at least 3,840 x 2,160 pixels). This makes 4K resolution four times more powerful than Full HD. Full HD is a standard television display, which has about 1,920 x 1,080 pixels across the screen.

What is Samsung Crystal 4K TV

The Samsung Crystal 4K TV can transform many of your viewing experiences into a gorgeous 4K resolution. Although your old TV might have had 4K resolution, you might not have been able to watch many of your favorite shows or movies in the same quality. If you are using Samsung’s Crystal 4K TVs, you can turn almost any scene from any game, movie, or app into a superior viewing experience.

The display of the Samsung’s Crystal 4K TV works to create the huge amount of vivid colors you need, and the Crystal Processor 4K does the hard work and converts everything you watch to 4K resolution. If you want to plug in a game console and see every detail of every color floating across the screen, this might be the perfect option for you.

What is Crystal Processor 4K

Crystal Processor 4K is one of the cheapest and least powerful processors. All it does is process video and outputs it to your TV screen. To do this, the main processor has a built-in video processor that supports 4K resolution. This processor is not capable of more than that because it lacks processing power. Because of this, some TV owners have noted that programs for streaming services load slowly, and the TV takes a long time to respond to changes in settings.

Crystal 4K processors are installed in Samsung’s low-cost TVs with the simplest screens, as well as in Crystal series TVs. Of course, it could be made more powerful, but in this case, the TV will cost more.

The best features that the Samsung Crystal 4K TV offers

Here are the best features that the Samsung Crystal 4K TV can offer:

  • Crystal Processor 4K seamlessly converts everything you watch to 4k resolution.
  • The Crystal display allows you to enjoy crystal-clear colors and crisp as well as realistic picture quality.
  • Auto Game Mode. You can play video games without lagging and motion blur.
  • PurColor technology allows your TV to deliver millions of colors for optimal picture quality. While other televisions focus only on the primary colors red, green and blue, PurColor implements secondary colors such as magenta, cyan and yellow.

The difference between Crystal 4K and QLED

If you have to choose between Crystal UHD and QLED 4K, it would be better to choose QLED 4K because it would be much brighter and have a better color gamut than regular UHD. The only exception might be if the UHD TV has other special features that are not available on QLED models. Most people who have bought a QLED 4K are happy with their purchase.

Anyway, it all depends on what budget you have. Eventually, most modern Samsung TVs are good, especially those that support 4K. Going from a 1080P TV to 4K will seem like the difference between night and day.

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