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What is Motion Xcelerator in Samsung TVs

TVs have adapted very well to the era of digital transformation. They have become smart, they have gained access to the Internet, and their future as the “main screen” in the home is not threatened. In addition to watching movies and TV shows, TVs today have also become the “main screen” in the home for video games. After all, you will get more impressions from the game with beautiful graphics on a big and wide screen than if you will play on a small monitor from a PC or laptop.

Samsung has long been at the forefront of gaming TV technology, and this trend will continue. Furthermore, the Motion Xcelerator technology from Samsung is directly associated with video games. So, here is more about the Motion Xcelerator technology which is used in Samsung TVs.

What does Motion Xcelerator technology mean

Most gamers know and agree with the opinion that a smooth picture on the screen is a guarantee of a comfortable and enjoyable for the eyes game. That’s why Samsung specially developed and implemented in their modern TVs such technology as Motion Xcelerator.

Actually, Motion Xcelerator is a very simple technology, there is nothing supernatural about it. Many people like to play dynamic video games. The Motion Xcelerator technology allows you to get rid of a blurry picture, keeping the picture clear. If you have often played on different TVs, you may have been able to see that sometimes the picture in the game is a bit shaky. In fact, the image doesn’t wobble. This effect appears because of the lack of LED screens.

How to reduce shaky picture

If you would like to reduce the perception of a residual image, you can try the black frame insertion technique. A black frame is inserted by briefly turning off the display backlight. The backlight is turned off for 3-5 milliseconds at the moment of frame change. This visually reduces the perception of a residual picture on the TV screen and makes the picture on the screen better. Thus, the picture shake disappears.

How does Motion Xcelerator technology work in Samsung TVs

If you want to be aware of how the Motion Xcelerator technology works in Samsung TVs, here is the simple answer. Motion Xcelerator technology just turns off the backlight, in which case there is the no more residual image. The most dynamic scenes will retain high clarity and lack the blur that is inevitable at low frame rates, noticeable to the human eye.

Types of Motion Xcelerator technology in Samsung TVs

This technology is divided into three types. The first one is simply called the same – Motion Xcelerator technology. This is the first version of this technology and it is used in small configurations of Samsung TVs, which have support for black frames.

The second type of technology is called Motion Xcelerator Turbo. It is used in the Crystal UHD Samsung TV series. Although Crystal UHD TVs are their own 60Hz panels, they can emulate 120Hz with Motion Xcelerator Turbo technology for a smoother, faster experience. This should help with TV broadcasting and gaming and is apparently a first for any 60 Hz TV.

The last and the newest type of technology is Motion Xcelerator Turbo+. The specifics of this type are the same as the previous one, except for one difference. It is used in the TVs with QLED or NEO QLED screens.


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