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What is Movie Mode on your TV

These days you have many options for adjusting the picture quality on your TV. You can change brightness, contrast, sharpness and even change the number of frames per second (on some TVs).

But let’s be honest, few TV owners want to do that. Even the opposite, TV is part of the daily routine, a device for relaxation, so most people don’t want to spend endless amounts of time digging through the settings and trying out different options. Especially since there can be a huge number of options for adjusting picture quality.

That’s why TV manufacturers try to simplify your challange and offer standardized modes that are suitable for different types of tasks. The first (and most obvious) is Movie Mode.

What does Movie Mode do?

Movie Mode is for those who plan to use the TV for its intended purpose – to watch movies and TV series. This mode is designed to make watching movies more comfortable.

There is no secret that TV can tire your eyes and make them ache. However, this is mostly due to the wrong choice of picture settings. It can be unnatural and fatigue your eyes very quickly. The colors may be too cold, so you may feel uncomfortable watching a movie in this setting (even if you think you are used to it).

Movie Mode is designed to get rid of such problems. This mode sets the optimal brightness, color, contrast, and hue settings to make the picture a little softer and the colors warmer. This creates a cinematic feel.

This mode is designed for viewing movies in dark or low light and all settings are adjusted to provide you with the best picture quality.

Why is Movie Mode warm?

As I said, this is done to create a movie theater mode and provide the best watching experience. Most movies (unless you watch horror movies of course) are shot in warm colors, so you are more comfortable watching such a picture.

Warm colors tire your eyes less, so your eyes are less stressed when you watch movies or TV shows.

Is Movie mode the best?

It depends on what exactly you’re watching. As is obvious with its name, it is designed for watching movies and in that respect it is really the best of the modes.

However, this mode is designed for watching movies in low light in the room (ideally in the dark). If you watch TV in daylight or with bright artificial light in the room, the picture may look too warm and, therefore, strange.

Should you try Movie Mode?

Anyway, if you want to get the most out of your TV, the best thing you can do is try the different modes. I can’t guarantee that you will decide that this mode is the best, but at least you should try it to see if it suits you or not.

The main rule you should stick to is that Movie Mode is the best if there’s little ambient light.

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