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What is Samsung block code DNT001

Sometimes technology can disappoint you, for example you can get a lock on your Samsung phone, tablet or TV. One of these frustrating things is the lock code DNT001. I have been asked several times what this lockout is and now I will tell you more about it.

What is DNT001 message on Samsung device screen

One day, even if you have been using the device for some time, you may see a message like this.

DNT001 Samsung TV Error

This message means that you can no longer use the device. Because it has been blocked. Now all you can do is just turn the device on or off, all other functions are completely blocked.

What the block code DNT001 means

This code is most common in South American countries, because in these countries illegal actions with devices and home appliances are very common.

First, such a device can be stolen. In this case, the legal owner of the device applies to Samsung and the company enters the serial number of the device in the blocklist.

Secondly, such a device can be illegal copy. In that case, its serial number has been faked. In this case, the device is also blacklisted.

In any case, after such a device has been reported, it goes to the blocklist.

The device gets DNT001 blocked according to the following algorithm:

  • The device is reported and Samsung ads it to the blocklist.
  • When the device accesses the Internet and connects to Samsung’s servers to check for updates, Samsung also checks if the device is legal.
  • If the device is on the blocklist, it gets DNT001 blocked.

How to unlock DNT001 blocked device

In fact, there are few of the things I can advise you on. The only legal way to unlock a DNT001 blocked device is to go to a service center and request parts. In case your device was locked by mistake, chances are it will be locked.

However, I have to be honest with you, the chances of this happening are not great, because if your device is on the blocklist, it is likely that there were tangible reasons for this. Most likely, you bought a used device that was stolen by the seller.

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