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What is the Apple A16 Bionic?

Apple unveiled its new products at a recent presentation. This year the company introduced quite a few new products and one of them is the new A16 Bionic processor. It will replace the Apple a15 Bionic.

Many users are wondering what it is and whether it is worth the run to get a new iPhone. In fact, the new processor has received an update and improved performance, but not much. Also improved autonomy and optimization of power consumption.

What is Apple Bionic A16?

Apple A16 Bionic is the new processor from Apple that they introduced just a few days ago. It’s made in a 4-nanometer process and has over 16 billion transistor processors. Apple claims that it’s the most powerful mobile processor ever.

In addition, it was announced that the processor is 20% more autonomous and now your smartphone will be able to work longer. The company has decided to focus on improving the process of photo and video shooting.

It is also stated that the processor can perform almost 17 trillion operations per second. It gets 50% more memory bandwidth for better support for graphics-intensive games. The processor will also make it possible to make screens with support for brighter screens and many new graphical functions.

What devices have Apple A16 Bionic?

The availability of the A16 Bionic processors has so far been limited to the iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max. Now they are quite expensive and not suitable for everyone. So I can advise you to wait for next year.

Next year the A15 Bionic will most likely make history. It was available on the iPhone 13 Pro, and now the vanilla iPhone 14 also has the A15. So we can expect that in iPhone 15 as well will have A16.

In addition, the next generation of iPad is also likely to have a more advanced chip. With a high probability, it will be exactly A16. Although, since the latest iPads have started to move to processors M1, it is possible that all lines of iPads will go this way.

How much performance improve between A15 and A16

If we talk about the performance increase compared to the previous generation of processors, it is very noticeable. This is especially true for photos and the graphics processor.

The company claims that the A16 has 50% more video memory bandwidth. This will allow you to run games more smoothly and improve video viewing on your iPhone 14 Pro. It should also affect the speed of animations and the experience of using the system as a whole.

Significant improvements have been made to the camera with the new F16 Bionic chip. Apple has created an image signal processor (ISP) it should process more detailed images. Also in the A16 graphics processor, processor, neural engine and ISP work together and provide a four-pixel sensor. This technology should maximize your photos, making them the most detailed and color-saturated.



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