Modern countries are moving in the direction of renewable energy. This is a modern trend that will only intensify in the future. Scotland is one of the countries that is setting itself very ambitious goals for renewable energy.

By 2020, the country expects to achieve a 100% goal in renewable energy. Also, according to this plan, Scotland should achieve 30% goal in all energy-consuming industries combined (including heating, transportation, and electricity). And by 2040 to reach 50% goal in all energy-consuming industries combined, including heating, transportation, and electricity.

Real percentage of renewable energy in Scotland

In reality, Scotland was unable to achieve the set goals. In 2020, Scotland could meet only 97.4% of its electricity demand from renewable sources.

You have to understand that this is only a percentage of electricity consumption. In reality, however, the bulk of the energy is not electricity, but heating and transportation.

In this respect, Scotland looks too far off the target. As of 2020, renewable energy accounts for only 6.5% of total demand, up from the 30% goal set in 2011.


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