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What Smart TVs and devices are compatible with Spectrum TV: The full list

Nowadays, streaming platforms are developing rapidly and gaining more and more popular among teens and adults. Every year companies release new models of TVs that have been updated on the software, features, options, technical characteristics, etc. That’s why the developers of streaming platforms try to make them accessible on different kinds of devices.

The same case is with the Spectrum TV app, which offers a huge selection of different movies, TV shows, and programs. As the platform has become quite popular among the users, it’s essential to let them be able to use it from their devices. However, there are still some devices that don’t support the Spectrum TV app. So if you’re interested in knowing what devices support the app, you’ve come to the right place.

Is the Spectrum app available on all devices

Usually, users hear about Spectrum as a streaming platform, but not everyone knows that it’s also an Internet, wireless, and cable digital TV provider. The “mother” of Spectrum TV is a well-known television communication company called “Charter Communications”.

All of a fortune, for the convenience of the users, the Spectrum TV team has made it possible to use it not only on your Smart TV but also on various devices. The app gives you an opportunity to take all the benefits from the subscription. So, it doesn’t depend on which device you use, the smartphone, tablet TV, or laptop, you’ll be able to enjoy the provided content.

Many different OS is compatible with the Spectrum TV app, you can use it with iOS as with Android systems. Even if you’ve started from one OS and then you want to move to another one, all your data and subscriptions would be saved as they’re attached to your account.

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What devices support Spectrum TV

As was mentioned before, the developers of the streaming platform really care about their clients and try to do everything for their convenience. That’s why almost all devices may be used with the Spectrum TV app. Moreover, the process of installation of the app doesn’t require any special efforts and isn’t time-consuming. Below you’ll see the list of compatible devices:

  • Spectrum is available on each iOS device. It means that you can get the Spectrum TV app literally on iPhone, iPad or Mac, etc.
  • The Spectrum TV app is also supported by Samsung Smart TVs. However, you should make sure that your TV has been released in 2012 or later.
  • You can stream the content from the Spectrum TV app also on Amazon devices, however, there’s one exception. The app isn’t available for installation on the first-generation Kindle Fire.
  • You can also enjoy your great viewing experience on the Spectrum TV app with all Roku devices. However, there’s also an exception, the first-generation models don’t support the Spectrum app.
  • If you’re a user of Xbox gaming consoles, you’re lucky, as you also have an opportunity to stream the content from the Spectrum TV app. You can install the app on the Xbox One, Xbox One S, Xbox One S All-Digital Edition, and Xbox One X.
  • If you enjoy your time with the Vizio Smart TVs, there is great news for you, you can also watch your favorite content using the Spectrum TV app.

As you can see, you literally can use this streaming platform to entertain yourself and your family on many devices.

What features there are on Spectrum TV

As I said before, the streaming platform provides users not only with a great selection of movies, TV shows, and programs but also with many essential features that are widely used on different services. Those features are really important due to many reasons. So, below you’ll see the list of features that can be accessed while using the Spectrum TV app:

  • The Spectrum TV app gives parents an opportunity to control the content which is viewed by their children in order not to get them involved in the mature content. To set the parental control, you’ll need to access the settings.
  • The Spectrum TV app gives you access to a wide range of free channels that may interest and attract you. However, you can also buy the subscription and you’ll be able to stream the unique paid content.
  • Moreover, there’s n opportunity to adjust or change the channel using your smartphone even as a remote control.
  • For your convenience, you can find the movie by its name or the team title.

Even though there are many great features that can be accessed by almost any device, the LG Smart TV users must have the set-top box or another compatible device that can be used with Spectrum and LG TV together, to use the streaming platform.

Which plans there are on Spectrum TV

Spectrum TV provides you with plans that you should choose based on your TV needs and interests. Keep in mind that the price of the plan may vary depending on the area where you live, so you should check if the app is available in your area first. Below you can see the prices of the plans and their brief characteristics:

Spectrum TV planStarting pricesThe amount of offered channels
Spectrum TV Select$44.99 per month for 12 months125+
Spectrum TV Silver$69.99 per month for 12 months175+
Spectrum TV Gold$89.99 per month for 12 months200+

So, you can choose the one you can afford and fully satisfy your interests and needs.

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How to efficiently use the Spectrum TV app

When the app would be installed and the plan would be chosen, you’d be required to sign in to your account. However, the activation of your Spectrum profile may take up to three days. If you want to successfully use the Spectrum TV app and stay satisfied with all its features and opportunities, you should follow the advice:

  • You should make sure that the speed of your Internet connection on the chosen device is 10-15 Mbps.
  • It’s also important to remove all Spectrum accounts to access the app.
  • The most convenient way to use the Spectrum TV app is to live in the US, as the app has some geo-restrictions and if you live outside a certain area, you’ll need to have VPN services turned on.
  • Make sure that your Internet connection is switched on and ready to use.
  • The Spectrum TV app channels may also have separate geo-restrictions and be not available in some regions. However, the issue can be solved, you’ll only need to change the location settings.

So, according to all the information above, the Spectrum TV app offers you a great range of movies, TV shows, programs, and other video content for an affordable price. So, everyone can enjoy spending their free time with Spectrum.

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