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Why do iMessages turn green?

Many users have noticed that the messages come in blue and green. This difference is significant because the two colors show how the message was sent. It shows whether the message was sent through iMessage or a standard message.

This seems confusing if you know how it works. However, the developers of iOS have tried to make the app as convenient as possible by combining message correspondence and iMessage in one app. So to understand this, you need to understand why the messages and contacts in the iPhone are blue and green and how to determine which subscribers you can send a blue message to and which one is green.

Why are messages and contacts blue and green?

In the Messages app, you can see only the blue or green messages you sent. All incoming messages are displayed in gray. Initially, users only had the option to send green messages. When selecting a contact from the phonebook, you can determine whether your message will be sent by iMessage or your mobile carrier.

Green messages are ordinary text messages. This means that the message you sent to someone else was sent by SMS at your operator’s rates. Once you’ve selected a contact from your phonebook, if the number is highlighted green, it means the user hasn’t enabled iMessage on their device. Or they don’t own an Apple device at all. Thus the user cannot use the iMessage service. The green means the user will be sent an ordinary text message for a fee.

A blue message means that the user is an Apple device user with an activated iMessage service. All messages between you and this subscriber will be accessible using the Internet. This is the main advantage of this service. In addition to messages, you can send photos, videos, and other information. That is, use all the functions of the application Message, but without paying for services at the tariffs of the mobile operator.

How do you find out to who you can send a free iMessage?

To find out to which subscriber you can send a free iMessage, you need to do the same steps as when sending an ordinary message. Start typing your name or phone number. Then in the list of contacts displayed below, you’ll notice that some names are highlighted in green and others in blue.

For your part, you can check which number and mail are the default for sending iMessage. The receive and send service is usually automatically linked to an email address, which is your Apple ID login. Thus, to specify which ID the iMessage should use, you need to follow these steps:

  • The first step is to open Settings on your iPhone.
  • After that, you need to select the Messages section.
  • Next, select the Sending and Receiving section.
  • Then check the boxes next to the addresses and phone numbers you want.

In the process of a new activation, the system will prompt you to re-specify the addresses for receiving and sending messages. However, this method does not always work, and the reason may be the operator’s settings.

Suppose you fail to activate your phone number. In that case, other users will only be able to send you iMessage if their contact list contains your E-mail, which serves as the address for receiving/sending messages, and your phone number.

What happens if you send iMessage and the user is off the Internet?

When people are faced with this situation, they want to have two separate applications on their device: iMessage to send sms using the Internet and Message to send standard messages according to the conditions of the mobile operator.

Because after you have sent a message using the Internet and the user doesn’t respond and doesn’t read it, you need to change something in the settings. If you don’t do this, the iMessage will reach the user when he comes online.

To send messages, you need to:

  • The first step you need to select Settings on your device.
  • Then select Messages.
  • After that, you need to drag the Send as SMS section slider.

After these steps, an SMS will be sent if iMessage is unavailable. You may be charged at your carrier’s rates to send messages.



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