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You can now buy an iPad Air 2022 on Amazon for up to 13% off

The iPad Air 2022 is usually priced at $599, but it’s available now at a discount. Amazon dropped $80 for the base configuration with 64GB of Wi-Fi, bringing the tablet down 13% to $519 in all colors. That’s the lowest price ever for the latest Air now.

The 256GB configuration, on the other hand, is available for $669 in Space Gray on Amazon or $679 at Walmart. This Amazon deal reflects another 11% discount ($80) off the regular price of $749.

The iPad Air 2022 is fairly similar to the previous generation but still offers a few iterative upgrades. The most significant improvement is the M1 processor. It provides better performance. The 12MP front camera has Apple’s Center Stage feature, which helps keep a moving subject centered when recording or during video calls.



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