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You can save more than 20% on Marshall Earbuds right now

Marshall is one of the most recognizable and large companies in the field of musical equipment. Often even at stadium concerts, you can see the Marshall logo on amplifiers and speakers. However, in addition to professional equipment, Marshall also produces audio devices for the general consumer.

For example, they have a series of Bluetooth speakers and wireless noise-canceling Motif earbuds. Right now, they’re 20% off on Amazon. This would be an excellent opportunity to replace your old Airpods with something more stylish.

The original price for these is $200, but with a $40 discount, you can get them for just $160. You have to agree; that’s a pretty good deal. They come with a sturdy textured case, look pretty good, and spruce up your look.

Aside from the look, they also have great sound. As I wrote above, Marshall is one of the most prominent players in the audio industry. You can fine-tune their sound with a unique equalizer app. They also have a noise-canceling feature available. They are water resistant to IPX5, and the charging case is water resistant to IPX4. Battery life, together with the charging case, reaches 20 hours. There are also touch buttons on the earbuds, which makes them easy to operate.



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