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Amazon wants to sell you home insurance

Amazon is launching a new home insurance comparison portal in the United Kingdom. Amazon representatives said their goal is to exceed customer expectations regarding buying home insurance. At the same time, Amazon added that they plan to develop this project, innovate and make improvements to make it a convenient shopping experience. Although so far, there is no information as to whether the network will be expanded in the U.S. and other countries. 

How does this Amazon home insurance comparison portal work? 

Since Amazon already sells many products and services, many people expect the new product to be easy and convenient. In fact, at first glance, it seems that way. This portal is called the Amazon Insurance Store. 

It works so that Amazon will compare quotes from home insurance companies. So it’s not Amazon selling you the insurance service directly. The convenience of using it’s that the user of this marketplace can get and compare the information they need in one place. 

Many people compare it to QuoteWizard and Moneysupermarket. Because the principle of work is expected to be similar, Amazon will get a cut of sales, as will most of its competitors.



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