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Do you need a better router

Nowadays, Internet access is one of the most important information needs. After all, it’s simply impossible to imagine a modern office or your apartment without access to high-speed Internet. With access to the Internet, you have the opportunity to work, learn, develop and communicate with the outside world. Therefore, due to the fact that the Internet plays an important role in our lives and many people have questions such as whether you need to update your router.

Should you need a better router

A router is a device for distributing the Internet to wired and wireless consumers. That is, it’s an electronic device that is used to connect two or more networks and manage the routing process. The router must connect 2 networks – the global Internet network and your local home network. Wi-Fi reception transmission can be in several bands.

The main bands are 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz. The basic characteristics to look for when buying are processor frequency and amount of RAM. Just like when choosing a computer, the more of these characteristics, the better, but also the higher the price. Most routers have multiple LAN ports for connecting wired home devices. In addition, newer router models have additional features.

Such as built-in firewall, thanks to this feature is possible to protect your home network from hacking, unauthorized access to your network equipment. More presence of a USB port, which allows you to connect an additional modem, IPTV support, the function of Samba / FTP-server.

What are the reasons to buy a better router

Regular replacement of quiet working smartphones, laptops, and other gadgets with new models is a common and understandable thing for most users. The latest generations of such devices are more powerful and functional. However, the router, which is essentially a minicomputer and also inevitably becomes obsolete, for some reason it’s not customary to update it. It’s worth paying attention to the following things before making a decision:

  • Older routers work in a noisy range

Routers that operate on the 2.4 GHz frequency are quite crowded. Signal interference on this frequency is evident even in small towns – in apartment buildings at least 7-8 access points are active simultaneously. In large cities, this number can reach several dozen, and access points set up by neighbors won’t allow you to use home Wi-Fi at maximum speed.

In addition, the apartment can include not only devices with Wi-Fi but also others that transmit data via Bluetooth connection. Bluetooth works on the same frequency. Fewer devices work on the 5 GHz frequency, so it’s freer. Thus, the 5 GHz frequency guarantees higher speeds without interference or disruptions.

Only it’s worth noting that the signal in the 5 GHz range has a smaller range and penetrates the walls worse. That’s why modern router models work in both bands – 2.4 and 5 GHz. Automatically switch between them to maintain an optimal signal.

  • Old routers aren’t designed for a large number of gadgets

The number of devices in every home is always growing because the market offers a lot of interesting new products. The router is designed for a certain speed, which is shared between all devices. Accordingly, the more devices, the slower the connection speed.

At some point this becomes noticeable, for example, videos slow down or page loads slowly. A router with a higher data transfer and reception speed can help ensure the proper operation of all devices.

  • Older routers give different signal strengths in the room

If you notice that the signal of your Internet became worse in different parts of your home or apartment need to think about replacing the router. New generations of routers have more powerful antennas, which provide a stable and high-quality signal anywhere in your home.

The router only needs to be changed if there’re problems with Wi-Fi data transmission. It’s also if your gadgets support more modern standards than the current router. If you increase the speed of the wired Internet and expand your home equipment, you should also think about buying a new router.

However, if everything is installed, everything works and nothing changes, keep your money to yourself. It’s also worth remembering that the router of 3 years ago, of course, is still working, but in terms of performance is already noticeably behind the latest models.


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