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Does Star Wars Rebels worth watching

Star Wars is a franchise that more than one or two generations have grown up with. Not lacking in fan love as well as hatred, many Star Wars projects evoke conflicting feelings. From watching the prequels to watching the original trilogy, most people realize that there are often elements in their favorite films that you didn’t notice before. As a kid, no one paid attention to the non-typical dialogues in the original trilogy or that Luke Skywalker’s exciting adventures were nothing more than a typical Prince Charming tale whose only difference is that the events unfolded not in a distant kingdom but in a galaxy far far away.

But can you blame us, we were children… We also didn’t notice how the prequels tried to ridiculously combine cartoon humor and politics with Jedi lightsaber fighting on the screen. We liked many things back then that seem silly now, and it’s not just Star Wars. But back to the topic at hand. If you got a little nostalgic for the original trilogy and are curious about how the regular Jedi lived after Order 66, then Rebels is for you.

A little about the story

Awkward, perpetually misfiring stormtroopers, heroes with a pumped-up lucky roll at maximum when it comes to escaping, completely incompetent imperials (right up to the appearance of some famous characters), large-scale ground and space battles, though not as many as in the Clone Wars, and the regular participation of some famous characters as well as regular cameos from others. All of this awaits you if you are patient when watching Rebels, because the first season is quite boring, while the main characters reveal themselves in a better and more interesting way only starting from the second season. The difference between this series and the Clone Wars is that instead of the story of the Chosen One and the other characters from the movies, we get the previously unknown Kanan and Ezra.

Ezra with Holocron

The first is a surviving Padawan, while the second is a young boy who has yet to learn the ins and outs of handling the force. In the course of the series, Duo encounters many difficulties, which stand in the way of the great goal – the full-scale formation of the rebel alliance and, as a result, the overthrow of the Empire.

Rebels Reconnaissance: "Rise of the Old Masters" Review - Coffee With Kenobi
Kanan VS Grand Inquisitor

And more often the heroes are hindered not by the Emperor’s meadows, but by their inner feelings and problems with the conviction that they are worthy of their Jedi gift and suitable for this purpose in principle.

kanan jarrus hera syndulla | Tumblr | Star wars ships, Star wars art, Star  wars artwork
Kanan and Hera meditating

Of course, they do not do it alone because the team of main characters consists not only of the Jedi but also their experienced pilot and natural leader Hera, a descendant of the Mandalorian clan Vren, artist and brave warrior Sabina, the last of his genus Zeb and crazy astromech Chopper. All of them have a past that will eventually play a part in the series.

So should you watch Star Wars Rebels?

Of course, you should. The appearance of Darth Vader in the second season alone is worth watching the entire series.

Star Wars Rebels - Kanan & Ezra vs Darth Vader [1080p] on Make a GIF

And that’s not to mention the sense of accomplishment you get after watching the show. Once the characters’ stories have been told and you exhale with the knowledge that it’s over, you’ll know you haven’t wasted your time. The finished Rebel story looks better after you finished it than it does when you watch it. The characters at the end will seem near and dear to you. You’ll have a hard time breaking up with some of them. Trust me on this.

It’s at least worth watching because of the two possibly the best lightsaber fights in the history of the franchise. We won’t spoil your enjoyment of who fought who, but we’ll give you a hint that you’ve known these characters for a very long time. For example, one of them hasn’t heard his own name in the Rebels in about ten years. In a word, let’s not drag it out, because the more we talk, the more we want to tell, and it’s better to get impressions from this show on your own.

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