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How to change Alexa voice to a celebrity

Alexa finally got the way to change the voice. So now you can use not only the standard female voice but also an additional male voice (called Ziggy by the way).

In general, things were pretty weird with the news that Alexa got a new voice. Because back on July 21 this news first appeared, but then it was supplemented by the fact that Alexa would also get a new wake word.

However, with this news, many have started to forget about the celebrity voice program, which by the way is no less interesting and can also improve your experience with Amazon Alexa.

We’ve already explained how to change Alexa’s voice, but in this article, we’ll talk about how to use a celebrity voice instead of the standard Alexa voice. Don’t forget that celebrity voices have a limited set of phrases, other phrases will be voiced by the standard Alexa voice (female or male depending on your choice).

Currently, there are three different voices available: Samuel L. Jackson, Melissa McCarthy, and Shaquille O’Neal. Firstly Amazon released only Samuel L. Jackson’s voice, but then added Melissa and Shaq as well.

How to use celebrity voice on Alexa devices

Each voice costs $5 and you have to buy them before you can use any of them (but you can start the activation process without buying them and buy a voice in the process). My advice is to start with Samuel L. Jackson, but that’s just my opinion.

To activate celebrity voice on Alexa you should do the following:

  1. Start by saying ‘Alexa, introduce me to [name of the celebrity] (Shaq, Samuel, or Melissa] Get started by saying something like “Alexa introduce me to [celebrity name].”
  2. Alexa will guide through the phrases available with this voice and if the voice hasn’t bought – would offer to purchase it.
  3. In case you’re happy with your choice – just confirm and process the payment with your Amazon account.
  4. Now, you can just say ‘Hey, [celebrity name]. In case you use ‘Hey, Alexa’, you will activate one of two standard voices.

You should understand that celebrity voice won’t completely replace the standard one, it would give you an only a limited set of phrases, but phrases that aren’t voiced by the celebrity would be voiced by the standard Alexa voice.

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