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Excel’s automation tab is now available on Mac and Windows

Microsoft representatives have announced a minor update. Microsoft has also released several valuable updates to its Microsoft 365 suite. Now the Automate tab in Excel is not only available in the web version of Excel. Users will be able to use the Automate tab for Windows and Mac, as this feature will no longer apply only to the online client.

The Automate tab hasn’t changed the principle of its functionality on Windows and Mac. Like the web version, this tab allows you to automate some of the more repetitive tasks in your workflow using Office Scripts.

This may seem complicated to a beginner, but once you’ve mastered them, you can streamline your workflow.

To start using the Automate tab in Excel on Windows and Mac, you need to check your current version of Excel and update it to the latest version on your computer.

The update is already available for Windows and Mac users. So hurry to upgrade so you can take full advantage of Automate.



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