Fujitsu is winning in a competition for the most powerful quantum computer


Japanese technology giant Fujitsu announced a new research center with the Riken research institute to develop a 1,000 qubit superconducting quantum computer in the next few years.

Fujitsu did not give a specific date, but noted that the joint effort with Riken will run for another 5 years, until March 2025.

The creation of the new center is a continuation of the research effort to develop quantum computers between Fujitsu and Riken that was aanounced in October 2020.

The statement states that the organizations’ goal will be to intensify research and development for the use of quantum computers.

As part of the collaboration, the two organizations will work to improve qubit production, as well as to reduce the size of chips and integrate them to operate at low temperatures.

Fujitsu plans that the results of these developments will be used to build a prototype quantum computer, which will then be used for practical purposes.


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