Google Chrome’s latest update launch today

Today, Google Chrome finally received an update that brought some of the new features we’ve been waiting for. The most popular browser in the world is now even more convenient and functional.

What upgrades 106 update brings to Google Chrome

I first wanted to tell you about the improved Google Translate feature. Previously, it would just translate the whole page. Now, with the updated 106, you can select a piece of text, right-click on it, and translate just that piece of text. The feature can be enabled using the Chrome flag at chrome://flags#desktop-partial-translate.

Also, the Desktop version of Google Chrome finally gets the ability to read RSS. The feature became available to Android and iOS users back in 2021. But it wasn’t until update 106 that it made its way to the browser’s desktop version.

With it, you can follow a site by right-clicking on the page and selecting “Follow Site” from the menu. However, keep in mind that the feature is still a bit raw. New content is displayed in the sidebar, even if the site has no RSS.

Similarly, Google has worked on improving its Web apps. The “Popup API” now allows web apps to display temporary UI elements on top of other elements. So you can, e.g., display action menus, form element suggestions, content pickers, and tutorial UIs. Any part can be rendered on top of a layer using the API.

However, not all the features we were expecting are in this update. Google is still working on the ability to leave notes on top of web pages. This should add a note appearing every time you open a Web page. Although not currently available, it should come in a future update. Google has also made many minor changes and improvements, as detailed in their blog.

How to update Google Chrome

Google Chrome should update itself the next time you open it after a new update is released. You can check this by trying one of the new features I described above. If they work – everything is fine.

To manually update Google Chrome, you need to click on the Three Dots in the top left corner, and the popup menu will go to Help > About Google Chrome. The app will then automatically scan the network for new updates. The update is already available on all platforms.

If you have trouble updating, I will reinstall Google Chrome. You can immediately download the most recent browser version from their official site and not worry about being behind in functionality.



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