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Here is a new device for generating odors in video games

Gamers have a new tool that can change the gaming experience by adding odors to the audio-visual experience. I’m going to talk about GameScent, which is a cool new product from Elevated Perceptions. Imagine a small hexagonal device that can create different smells depending on what’s going on in your video game or when you’re watching a film. It adds odors to the picture and sound, making everything even more real.


This device uses AI to listen to and analyse sounds from games or movies in real time and based on that, selects smells that match what’s going on. This works with various devices – gaming consoles, PCs, or even VR glasses, making it handy for any entertainment.

The flavors available now are Shooting, Explosion, Racing, Storm, and Forest, with plans to expand the collection by adding Ocean, Blood, Sports Arena, and Fresh Cut Grass. I’m particularly interested in how they will convey the scent of blood, which I don’t think has any particular odor. There is also a function “Clean Air”, which allows you to manually activate the neutralisation of all scents in the room at the end of the game session.

The GameScent costs $180 and can be ordered on Amazon, although it was out of stock when this news was written. It’s hard to say how reasonable this price is; the reviews on GameScent show it on the bad side instead, so the price seems a bit steep.



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