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Here’s how to use Google Workspace as a nonprofit

If you’re managing a nonprofit organization and have been looking for a way to manage all your projects, tasks, and work, there is a good solution. You need project management software for nonprofit organizations. With nonprofit project management software, you can plan your work, including campaigns and fundraising programs, communicate with your team, and even manage your resources effectively.

Moreover, you can also interact with your team, automate routine tasks, and track the progress of your projects. One of the benefits is the thing that most nonprofit project management software allows you to pay less money as a nonprofit through discounts.

Google Workspace provides useful tools and apps for collaboration, communication, planning, and resource management at attractive discounts for nonprofits. So, here’s how to use Google Workspace as a nonprofit.

What is Google Workspace

Google Workspace is a group of cloud tools for collaboration and team communication. With Workspace, companies can create an internal workspace for team collaboration and optimize work with documents, emails, and communication with clients and partners. The toolkit from Google allows solving tasks and communicating in one space.

Managers create separate email accounts in Workspace for company employees on the corporate domain. With the accounts, employees can transfer and work with documents in Google Docs within the corporate space, communicate in Google Meet and Google Chat, maintain an account on the corporate Currents network and have access to shared storage on Disk. Workspace features include integration of corporate chat into Google tools, you can use it to create and edit documents, reply to emails, in the calendar, and other services.

What are the main features of Google Workspace

The main features of Google Workspace:

  • Creating email for employees on the organization’s domain.
  • File storage ranging in size from 30 GB to 5 TB for an employee.
  • Meetings and conferences for up to 250 participants.
  • Integrated corporate chat in tools.
  • Access control for employees.
  • Additional features for working with documents, spreadsheets, presentations and forms.
  • Detailed reporting of employee work on the Workspace network.
  • Storage for mail, chats, documents and files.
  • Configuration of information storage rules.
  • Editor for website creation.
  • Branding of accounts.
  • Providing additional security for the space.
  • Corporate social network.

How to sign up for Google as a nonprofit

If you want to sign up for Google as a nonprofit, you have to follow these steps:

  • First of all, open your web brower and go to the Google for nonprofits website.
  • After that, click on the “Start” button at the top right corner of the page.
  • Then, sign in to your Google account or create a new one. You have to be aware that the account you logged in with will be added as a Google account administrator for your organization’s nonprofits.
  • Click “Next”.
  • Choose your country and click “Next” again.
  • Enter the TechSoup validation token. You can also click on “Get a validation token from TechSoup” if you don’t have the code handy or need to create a TechSoup account.
  • Add the NGO phone number and domain. 
  • Provide your contact information.
  • Select “I agree” and submit.
  • Then, click on the “Registered mail” button.
  • Finally, select “Register for Google Workspace”.

Once you have successfully created a Google Account for nonprofits, you will be able to configure your Google Workspace.

How to set up Google Workspace account

If you want to set up your Google Workspace account, you have to follow these steps:

  • At first, sign up for your Google Workspace account and follow the instructions.
  • Then, select the payment plan.
  • After that, click ‘Use Manual Setup” at the bottom of the screen.
  • Click “Go to Admin Console” to continue.
  • Once you’re in the “Admin Console”, click “Start Setup” at the top of the “Admin Console”.
  • Add a meta tag to your homepage. 
  • Finally, add a domain host entry.

Once your domain has been verified, click “Continue Setup” to continue.

Google Workspace offers a free plan for nonprofits that includes 100 participatory video conferences, 30GB of cloud storage per user, and standard support.

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