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How to change the username of your Instagram account

You may have different reasons to change your Instagram account name, maybe you just found a new name that’s better, or you want to change your Instagram username to a more professional one.

Either way, whatever the reason, you can do it. It’s actually quite simple, especially since Instagram has no limit on the number of times you can change your account username. The only thing is that you have to wait 40 days if you’ve already changed your username twice in that period.

How to check your current Instagram username

I don’t think you may have a problem with that, but I’ll give you the answer to that question nonetheless. If you want to know your Instagram username, you can find it at the top of your profile or at the end of the URL address of your profile.

However, keep in mind that your account name and your username are two different things, so you can change your name all the time, while you can only change your username twice in 40 days.

The username has to be unique so you can’t use the username that’s already taken. There are also other restrictions, for example, you can only use letters, numbers, underlines, and dots.

How to change your Instagram username on PC or Mac

In case you want to change your Instagram username on your PC or Mac, you should do the following:

  • Open Instagram website
  • Sign in
  • Click on your icon and choose Settings
  • Find Username line and enter your new username
How to change Instagram username on Mac or PC
  • Click on Submit

It’s better to check the name before saving it. However, in case you’ve made a mistake, you can take your previous username back within 14 days.

After 14 years, your previous username would be available for all users and they can take it.

How to change your Instagram username on iPhone or Android

In case you want to use your iOS or Android app, you should do the following:

  • Opent Instagram app
  • Sign in if you need
  • Tap on your account avatar to open your profile page
  • Tap Edit Profile
How to change Instagram username on iPhone or Android
  • In the username line enter your new username. You will have 14 years to change your username to your previous one, after this it will become available to be taken by anyone else
How to change Instagram username on iOS or Android
  • Tap Done to save changes

What to do if your desired username is already taken

If your desired Instagram username is already taken, you can add dots, underscores or change one or two characters (as well as adding a number or a few extra characters at the end).

However, if your desire is already taken, but inactive, read this article to know how you can handle this situation:

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