How to connect Fire Stick to Samsung TV

Today, fewer and fewer people are watching regular TV and prefer video streaming services. It’s much more convenient because you can choose what to watch and don’t depend on the schedule. Many devices allow you to run relevant services on your TV. One of the most popular devices is Amazon’s Fire Stick. If you have a Samsung TV and want to connect the Fire Stick to it, there are a few things you need to know.

What are the types of Fire Sticks

There are 3 versions of the set-top box with different prices and features. First, you need to figure out which one best meets your needs and desires.

  • Lite – is the most basic and cheapest model. Its remote control doesn’t support the control of your TV. It supports all popular streaming services such as Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, YouTube, and much more. It’s the fastest and easiest way to dive into streaming.
  • Standard – This is the classic version of Fire Stick, capable of 1080p video playback and has a much better remote control because it supports the control of your Samsung TV. It has a more powerful processor and is capable of more advanced functions.
  • 4K – The most powerful Fire Stick model, capable of streaming in 4K resolution. The remote control can also control your TV.

In addition, each set-top box from the Lite version can control the voice with an Alexa-enabled device.

What are the system requirements for your Samsung TV to support Fire Stick

Like any electronic device, a Fire Stick requires certain conditions to work properly.

HDMI compatibility or adaptability

First, you need to make sure that your TV has the correct HDMI ports for HD resolutions (1080p 1080i 4K, and 8K). If you don’t, you can always buy an HDMI adaptor from an older type of connectors such as DVI, S-Video, RGB, or Component. But keep in mind that if the old type didn’t support high-resolution video playback, then it will not be able to play content in higher resolution with an adapter.

Internet connection

To stream videos, movies, and TV shows, the Fire Stick needs a good and strong Internet connection. You must be sure you have a strong enough Wi-Fi signal. The Fire Stick must know your location to show you more local content.

Registered Amazon account

You will need an active Amazon account in order for it to function. If you ordered your set-top box through an Amazon account, it will arrive to you already pre-registered to that account, but you can always change it if you want

How to connect Fire Stick to Samsung TV

If all the requirements for connection are met, you can start connecting and setting up your Fire Stick. You just need to follow the simple instructions:

  • First, plug your Fire Stick cable into the micro- USB port.
  • Connect the other end of the cable to a power source.
  • Insert the Fire Stick into the HDMI port or other adapter. If your TV has more than one port, remember the port number.
  • Turn on your TV and select the HDMI port you want. After a few seconds, you will see your TV box loading screen.

How to set up the Fire Stick Remote

In order to control your Fire Stick, you need to attach a remote to it. To do this, you need to :

  • Open the cover on the back of the remote control and insert the two AAA batteries that are included in the package.
  • If it doesn’t connect automatically, press and hold the “Home” button for about 10 seconds, the Fire Stick will enter “Discovery Mode” and will automatically connect to the remote.
  • Press “Play/Pause” to start the setup process
  • Select the language you want and then press “Select/OK“.
  • You can also connect your remote control to the TV to turn it on and change the volume.

How to connect the Fire Stick to Wi-Fi

Your TV box won’t work without an internet connection, so it’s important to connect it to the Wi-Fi right away. When you have finished the initial setup, you will see a list of available Wi-Fi hotspots. You just need to select the one you want and enter the password.


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