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How to dial letters on iPhone

Sometimes someone gives a number consisting of letters. The Apple website lists the customer service number as “(800) MY-APPLE”. So in such cases, you need to know how to dial the number if you only have letters.

You don’t need to do any additional settings on your iPhone to do this. You can make calls with only letters using the standard Phone app. All you need in this case is to understand how letter dialing works on smartphones.

Why do you need to dial letters on your iPhone?

Now teenagers and children were unlikely to use the number buttons to type. However, people who used push-button phones before smartphones came along are easy to navigate. Because it’s pretty easy because we used to do it

On an iPhone, dialing is similar to dialing numbers on the old push-button phones. When you dial a number on an iPhone, there are letters of the alphabet underneath the numbers. And not only in the iPhone but landline home phones also have letters under the buttons. This doesn’t work for text entry in a message since the iPhone has a full QWERTY keyboard.

Any letter you want to type corresponds to a single press on the number with that letter. So it works this way to type letters, you need to press a few times on a particular number.

What to do to dial letters on iPhone?

It works quite simply because there are letters underneath the numbers on the keyboard. You have to look at the buttons to figure it out.

For example, to type W, X, and Y, you need to press the nine key. You have to press nine twice to display the letter X; you have to press Y three times to show the letter X. This works the same way on iPhones and older push-button phones.

On the keyboard, the numbers are the same as the letters:

  • Number 2 is A, B, C.
  • Number 3 is D, E, F.
  • Number is G, H, I.
  • Number 5 is J, K, L.
  • Number is M, N, O.
  • Number 7 is P, Q, R, S.
  • Number 8 is T, U, V.
  • Number is W, X, Y, Z.

The best way to figure it out is the support number listed on the Apple website, 1-800-MY-APPLE. So for each letter, you will need to press the corresponding number once, regardless of which note is below that number. So the number 1-800-MY-APPLE stands for 1-800-692-7753.

What are the letters in the phone number used for?

Many people wonder why it complicates. Many people also think it should be a thing of the past. But now, many companies are using this system. It does come from the past.

In the past, when an operator connected people’s calls, you had to give the number and the name of the station. Back then, all telephone exchanges had words. So if someone called from a different area, the operator would tell you immediately.

Then when telephones were switched to a dial pad, they added a number to each station. Then came the next problem the office codes began to run out, and there were combinations of numbers that couldn’t be converted into words. As a result, they started going to numbers.

Now those who use letters in dialing do it more for convenience and so that others remember the number exactly. The same is the case with the Apple support number.

How to check your number on your iPhone?

You can also convert your number to letters. Maybe your number will be combined with a word. To do this, you need to check your number and follow these steps:

  • The first step is to open the settings on your iPhone.
  • Then you need to select the Mobile Data section.
  • Next, you need to choose the SIM card.
  • Then click on My Number.

Once you know your number, you can use the list I attached earlier to describe the numbers.



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