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How to enable Developer Mode on Samsung Smart TV

Usually, people buy a TV just to watch content, but sometimes there are situations where you lack the features that your TV provides from the box. In that case, there are some tricks that can help you get more access to the system and thus get more features.

One of these features can be the installation of third-party apps, which can be useful if you want to install an app that is not available in the Samsung Apps app (sorry for the tautology) on your Samsung TV.

Developer Mode on Samsung Smart TV allows you to install third-party apps on your TV, so you can make your watching process even better and use some additional features.

If you just use the TV but aren’t an app developer this is the only thing you can use this feature for. Third-party apps are a powerful tool that can enrich your watching experience, so it may be worth a shot.

How to activate Developer Mode Samsung Smart TV?

To activate Developer Mode for your Samsung Smart TV you should do the following:

  1. Open Samsung Smart TV Settings menu
  2. Go to Smart Hub
  3. Click on Apps
  4. You would need to use a PIN. The default PIN for Samsung Smart TV is 12345 or 00000
  5. Toggle Developer mode is ON
  6. Type your computer’s IP address and click OK
  7. Restart your Samsung Smart TV to run Developer Mode into work

After this, Developer Mode would be activated for your Samsung Smart TV and now you can use it and install third-party apps. However, there may be some problems. I searched the Web in order to find the most common problems, so now I can help you to solve them as well.

What to do if you can’t activate a Developer Mode on your Samsung TV?

One of the common problems is expressed on the Samsung Developers forum. It looks like this:

The member the nickname MarvinMep is trying to access the Developer Mode with the guide written above and enters 12345 code, however, nothing happens.

Most commonly, the problem is very simple – the PIN isn’t 12345, but 00000, so you should try both PINs to access a Developer Mode. If you haven’t changed the PIN, one of them will 100% work. If not – this means you have changed the PIN before.

Another way to fix this problem is quite strange, but it may also work – just connect a keyboard to your Samsung TV and enter a PIN using it.

Vladislav Mashirenko
Vladislav Mashirenko
I'm currently a lead editor and owner of Splaitor. Also, I'm the chief editor at Tab-tv.com.


  1. Hi there. Samsung QLED 55″. Purchased recently (Aug 2021) I was able to enable developer mode. But I cannot get to enable unknown sources. My Settings menu does not have a Personal Tab and Security. Any advise?


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