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How to fix AirPods pop-up not showing up on your iPhone

AirPods have a range of features that other wireless headphones don’t always have. They really offer their owner a high quality of listening to music and in general, are very comfortable, and most importantly – compatible with other Apple devices. But, sometimes technology gets out of hand, and in case you have problems with the connection of AirPods headphones, this article is just for you.

Here you will find out a few ways to get AirPods back into proper working order. When using your AirPods, your iPhone’s software, hardware, and Bluetooth must all be configured correctly, making troubleshooting difficult. It means that the issue may be tied to both the iPhone and the Airpods.

Is it a problem related to your iPhone

Here’re a few tips to make your AirPods work properly:

  • Re-open Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. The most important thing in properly connecting devices to your iPhone is nothing less than the stability of your Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. If you have constant problems with the Wi-Fi or Bluetooth on your iPhone, you will have problems connecting not only your iPods, but also other devices. You can reset the connection of your iPhone to the network by enabling and disabling the Mode in Airplane. To enable Airplane Mode, open the “Control Center” on your iPhone and tap the “Airplane Mode” button. Please wait 10 seconds before turning it off
  • Restart Your iPhone. Probably the most universal way to fix all the problems and glitches in the system on your iPhone. For the most latest versions of the phone just hold down either the side button or the volume button. When the power off slider appears – drag the slider for your smartphone to switch it off and wait half a minute before switching it back on again. Simply by holding the side button. The older versions have the same principle, just look for the power button, it can be on top if it is a first generation iPhone

Is it an issue with AirPods

It is quite possible that your AirPods may also get out of order. There are several ways to fix them:

  • Charge Your AirPod. Sometimes AirPods pop-up not showing up on your iPhone if they have little juice left, so this way they save energy. Try charging your AirPods fully using a direct wall socket for a few minutes and check again later
  • Pair Your AirPods to iPhone again. Basically, it is the most effective way to cope with any problem. Here’re the steps to follow:
    • In the charging case, place the AirPods. Close the lid of the charging case. Now remove the lid from the charging case
    • Open the Settings app on your iPhone. Then, Find Bluetooth and tap the “i” icon next to your AirPods
    • Select “Forget this Device” and confirm it. Hold down the charging case’s back setup button for 15 seconds, or until the light flashes amber, then white
  • Clean Your AirPods. You can use a cotton swab, flosser pick, microfiber cloth, or Blu-Tack to begin; use a microfiber cloth to wipe down your AirPods and charging case. To get rid of stickier trash, take some of the surplus cottons from an end for a more accurate yet soft tool. Break apart and remove buildup in hard-to-reach areas using the flosser pick. Clean your AirPods with a charging case with a gentle, try to avoid aerosol sprays, solvents, or abrasives, and don’t allow you AirPods to get moisture into any openings

Hopefully, these methods will allow you to use AirPods as before and get the most out of them. Also, to prevent this from happening, remember to clean the headphones and their case, charge them, and keep them in a safe place. If you start to notice that your iPods often get out of control and stop functioning as before, it may be worth contacting support, where you can get specialized help.


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