Sometimes, your Breville Toaster Oven may get irresponsive to the Start button. Also, sometimes pressing the Start button may trigger the convection button or even the Fahrenheit/Celsius button, instead of turning your toaster oven on. The worst thing, you can do in this regard is just keep on pressing the button many times, as that’s the straight way to break your toaster oven.

And you may be not interested in contacting a service center for such a minor device. The good thing is there are some solutions that may help. First of all, you should understand why there is such a problem. Usually, it’s caused by the toaster oven board is getting constantly heated and warped, so, after it has got deformed, you’re pressing multiple buttons at the same time. Of course, in this case, the only solution that may help completely fix the problem is contacting the service center, but if you aren’t interested in this, then that’s what you can do:

Solution 1. Breville Toaster Oven Start Button Doesn’t Work Properly

If your Breville toaster oven board is warped, your oven Start button doesn’t work properly. The most common problem is when you press the Start button, it may trigger the convection button as well (instead of starting the oven). In this case, you can press and hold the convection button and then press the start button. After your oven is activated, you should release the convection button.

Solution 2. How To Fix Breville Toaster Oven Start Button

If you have problems with Start button doesn’t work and you should press it multiple times, you may try this strange, but working solution. You should use the back of your butter knife to depress the button. When you barely touch the button, the oven would turn on, as the knife create enough of a static charge to easily turn the toaster on/off. 

Of course, as I said above, that aren’t complete solutions, but these two ideas can help you to save some money, so you may try them.


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