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How to get Peacock on older Samsung TV

The best feature of a modern Samsung TV is that it is primarily a Smart TV. This means that, inside your TV, there is a small computer with its operating system, which allows you to run different apps and use other tools unavailable on regular TV. Of course, you can also launch and browse different streaming services directly on your Samsung Smart TV. You only need an Internet connection and the appropriate application, which you can usually download free of charge from the Samsung app store. However, users of Peacock streaming sometimes encounter problems with not finding the application on their old Samsung TVs.

The disadvantage of the Smart TV function is that it quickly becomes outdated. Very often, new versions and firmware for Smart TVs come out, and the Samsung Smart TV you bought just a few years ago may no longer be relevant. You may find that it ceases to support some apps in this case. Or those apps may never have been released on your old Samsung Smart TV. Let’s find out the Peacock service’s requirements and how you can get it on your old Samsung Smart TV.

What Samsung TVs are compatible with Peacock

Let’s start by discussing which Samsung TVs are compatible with the Peacock streaming service app. First and foremost, of course, you need to have Smart TV features on your Samsung TV. It’s also a prerequisite that your Samsung Smart TV must be released no earlier than 2017. If your Samsung Smart TV were released before 2017, it would not support the Peacock app.

This decision is likely because modern Samsung TVs are released with Chromecast and Tizen operating systems. These are modern operating systems for Samsung TV, with platforms and tools to work correctly with modern streaming servers.

At the same time, older Samsung TVs were produced with other operating systems that Samsung specifically made for their TVs. They are more straightforward than their modern counterparts. This means that the more demanding Peacock app may not work on them. In addition, the old operating systems supported Flash, which most developers have long abandoned. I haven’t found an official response from Peacock as to why their app isn’t available on older Samsung TVs, but it’s most likely because they have outdated software.

How to watch Peacock on older Samsung TVs

Let me also tell you what tricks you can use to watch Peacock on your old Samsung TV. And there is a way to use it even with a non-Smart TV. Let’s take a closer look at what I suggest.

Use a TV set-top box

The easiest way to access Peacock, a host of other streaming services, and other valuable applications is to get a TV set-top box with a modern operating system. Then all you have to do is plug it into the HDMI connector, and you get a powerful and modern Smart TV on your old Samsung TV.

I would advise looking at TV set-top boxes like Roku, Fire TV, or Apple TV. These set-top boxes are the most common and support all the apps you need. Also, some models of these set-top boxes cost only 20-30 dollars.

Use AirPlay

Also, a helpful feature that can be found even on older Samsung TVs is AirPlay. It comes in handy if you have a device manufactured by Apple. In this case, you only need to connect from your iPhone and stream the screen directly to your Samsung TV. Then, you must download the Peacock app and enjoy your favorite shows.

Use the built-in browser

This method may not work for most users. However, you can also try to use the built-in browser on your Samsung TV and go to the web version of the Peacock service. You will be able to run the show you want without installing the app.

How to watch Peacock on modern Samsung Smart TVs

Of course, there is an alternative way that will require you to spend a lot of money. You can buy a new Samsung Smart TV, which will support the Peacock application. In this case, to install it, you will need the following:

  • Click the Home button to go to the home page.
  • Once there, open the Apps tab.
  • Click the Search button.
  • Type Peacock in the search box.
  • From the results list, find the app you want and click Install.

You will need to wait a few minutes until the application is downloaded and installed on your Samsung Smart TV. You should remember that you will need a permanent connection to the Internet. You will need an internet connection for most Smart TV functions, so this shouldn’t be too much of an additional problem. The Peacock app will then be available on your home screen and in Apps.



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