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How to reactivate Yahoo account due to inactivity

Your Yahoo account can be deactivated for various reasons. Long-term inactivity, violation of terms of service, underage user. In such cases, you can always re-register and continue to use the Yahoo service from your new account. However, you may still have a chance to get your old account back.

Why exactly your Yahoo account can be disabled

Before you try to reactivate your old account, you need to understand the specific situations in which Yahoo disables accounts:

  • The most obvious reason is a personal request to delete your account.
  • The account has been completely inactive for the past 12 consecutive months.
  • You have violated the terms of service.
  • Due to changes in the new data protection regulations, you might have been deactivated because you are too young to use Yahoo.

The last point isn’t an actual reason for possible disconnection. Last such change happened in 2018. Now, if you are a minor, you won’t be able to register with your current age. In case you need the Yahoo service, ask an adult for help.

How to reactivate your Yahoo account

If you have not logged into your Yahoo account in the last 90 days and deactivated it, for this reason, you still have a chance to get it back. The process of restoration on Yahoo is not complicated and will not take much time, but if your account was deactivated for any reason mentioned in the second paragraph, you probably will not be able to return it. So, to reactivate your Yahoo account you need:

  1. Go to Yahoo and try to log in.
  2. There, enter your mail or Yahoo ID.
  3. After that, click “Next”.
  4. If your account disabled, you will see a notification about it. If you are able to access your account, and it works as usual, then you won’t need to proceed further.
  5. You will go to a new page where you will have to choose how to restore your account: Text or Email.
  6. After selecting, you will receive a recovery confirmation code. Enter it on the page that will appear after selecting the recovery option.
  7. Think up and enter a new password. If someone took your nickname when Yahoo disabled your account, which is possible since it becomes available when the account isn’t active, you will have to think up a new one.

If the term for which you can restore the account passed, then all you have to do is register again. For different countries, the period during which you can reactivate your account is different. For example, for Australia, India, and New Zealand it’s 90 days while for Brazil, Hong Kong, and Taiwan it’s 180 days.

How to prevent your account from being disabled

If you don’t want to bother yourself with restoring access to your account, you need just to log in from time to time. If you use your account regularly, there will be no problem with your account being inactive. As for problems with observing the terms of service, you can either contact technical support and hope that this is a temporary ban or create a new account. It all depends on the degree of violation of the rules you have done. Also, if you decide to delete the account it is unlikely you can restore it, but contact technical support is still worth it. You may be able to prevent the consequences of your hasty decision.

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